Best Authorized Gas Installers In Lille Near Me

1. Artisan du Nord - Lille

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Artisan du Nord
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Address: 8 Rue de la Justice, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 40 03 00

Business type: Plumber

Artisan du Nord: what do users think?
didier dehaut: Without hesitation I recommend you artisan du Nord, one Sunday my cumulus leaves me, Monday morning I take the phone to find a craftsman, the journey and I contact artisan du nord the same evening a quote on Tuesday I contact them to fix an appointment, meeting on Wednesday morning, service of the exemplary, conscientious Mnats technician, observation, reflection, action, frankly, it's nice to find a team of this level at the service of their client, me for my part, I inform my entourage, one word THANK YOU
julien goudal: Good morning,The Artisan du Nord team came to install the condensing boiler at my home.I appreciated the responsiveness, the advice and opinions given during the 1st appointment, before writing the estimate.Competitive estimate, and the installation went very well: professional, punctual, clean and pleasant team.I highly recommend !Cordially,Julian
Dorothée Pavy: Very professional technicians.
Anikó Kovács: very good job, I made air conditioning quotes with other craftsmen. This one was able to meet my very specific needs and for the same price as the competitors who offered me a lower-end product and a much less aesthetic solution.In addition, they are very responsive in their exchanges.I strongly advise
Emmanuelle Paty: Fast, professional, efficient and very nice!!!Andy was very nice and gave me all the explanationsI'm going to call on artisan from the north again for other work 😉 very soonTHANKSEmmaService:Plumbing leak repair
Audrey rbt: pour son efficacité et sa réactivité.J’ai fais appel à cette entreprise après avoir moi même tout essayé pour un évier bouché. Bien bouché d’ailleurs car il a nécessité une deuxième intervention.Et nécessitera sûrement un devis pour la pente d’écoulement de l’eau.Je n’ai pas été déçue. Echange fluide , professionnalisme au rdv. Vous pouvez les contacter les yeux fermés. D autant plus qu’ils ont également fait un geste commercial.Je recommande !(Translated by Google
Corinne Valtremont: inexperienced and aggressive technicians I do not recommend this establishment which is not very responsive and in bad faithService:Outdoor plumbing system repair
Alfa Alfa: I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you very much for replacing my boiler. Your professionalism, expertise and dedication were outstanding throughout the process.I am really impressed with the quality of your work and the way you handled the installation of my new boiler. Not only did you do the job with precision, but you also took the time to explain to me the operation and maintenance needed to get the most out of it.Your efficiency and punctuality were greatly appreciated. You have respected the agreed deadlines and you have ensured that everything is in order before leaving the premises. I feel safe and confident knowing that my new boiler was installed by such a competent professional as you are.Service:Install AC
Fanny Lemattre: I would like to express my gratitude and satisfaction to the team of heating engineers who recently intervened to replace my water heater. Their responsiveness and professionalism were outstanding, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.From the first contact, I was impressed by their promptness in responding to my needs. They were available to discuss my situation and gave me all the information needed to make an informed decision. Their expertise in the field was obvious, and they were able to advise me on the best model of water heater adapted to my specific needs.What really surprised me was their business proposition. Not only did they offer a very competitive price, but they also used top quality material. I compared their rates with other providers, and I can say without hesitation that they offer the best value for money on the market.During the installation, the team was punctual and very organized. They worked with precision and efficiency, taking care to protect my home during the work. Their professionalism was exemplary, and they ensured that everything was perfectly installed and functional before leaving the premises.Since replacing my water heater, I have noticed a marked improvement in the performance and efficiency of my heating system. I am thrilled with this update, and highly recommend this heating company to anyone looking for reliable, quality service at an affordable price.A big thank you to the whole team for their exceptional work! You have shown exemplary professionalism and have met all my expectations. I will not hesitate to call on you in the future and to recommend you to my friends and family.Thanks again for everything !
Hana'a a: Very responsive and available. smooth communication
Camille Wahlen: I called on the company ARTISAN DU NORD to replace my gas boiler as well as descaling my pipes.They were super responsive and professional. My new boiler is of very good quality and works very well and the pipes are perfectly maintained.They intervened very quickly and are very available. I highly recommend.Services:Drain cleaning,Heating system installation
Christian Portesse: Issue raised Monday, resolved Wednesday. Good efficiency.
Babt Love: Insult it's a customer on the phone, A shame!! The check has been cashed. They never came to do the work.: No more answers on the phone, or e-mails.
pascal Mulier: Friendly fast efficientService:Ductless heating A/C services
Alexandra Roux: We called on Artisan du Nord to change our boiler, which was giving up the ghost... Speed ​​of intervention and very valuable advice. Very good job for the installation, the team is punctual, professional and pleasant. Neat work, I will not hesitate to ask them again.
Dalila Tounssi: Came to install boiler disgusting work do not come for maintenance contract because never have time and leaks disappointed more more more not recommendedService:Installation
Alexis Dauchelle: Serious and reactive company. We chose them for a thermodynamic balloon. Malik and his team are very professional and absolutely kind. I highly recommend.Service:Installation
claire morfouace: I recommend 100%Fast and effectiveTime slot respected
alexandre blondeel: I recommend 100%, responsive, professional, friendly.Service:Heating system maintenance
Alexandre Chirez: Extremely satisfied with the work carried out at my home by Artisans du Nord!The team was responsive, friendly and very competent for the installation of a softener and connection of my installation to the water meter.I will definitely call on you again for plumbing work.
e ziewicz: I am very satisfied with this company, which notably intervened at my home on December 31 when I had no more water at home and was alone with my little boy.They are reactive, the prices are not crazy. I recommend

2. Ets Lefèvre - Lille

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Ets Lefèvre
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Address: 3 Av. Foch, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 30 07 62

Business type: Home goods store

Ets Lefèvre: what do users think?
reda SAIDI: It is very simple!I was advised this box, I call them to schedule an annual maintenance appointment, the person on the phone still gives me an appointment as if it were forced without recording my information. On D-Day, I block the afternoon when they had planned a passage at 1:30 p.m. After two hours of waiting I move to the reception, supposedly the technician had an emergency and did not warn me!Anyway, she gives me another appointment and tells me we'll call you back on Monday to confirm. She calls me only Thursday to tell me that he can't, without offering me another appointment. Icing on the cake she had to send me quotes for thermostat because only plumbers can install them. Nothing.So to conclude: not professional at all, no consideration or respect for customers. To flee
Vin Cent: Incompetent, thief, intentional breakdown in order to return and repay.Take advantage of old people to make them pay and scam
beverly delecroix: Elderly scam and scam!
gastal louise: A scam...I just wanted to revise my balloon as indicated on the instructions, the man who came to my house was not a plumber... he did not know how a balloon worked, he had no tools and he told me claimed that my machine was broken... when he realized that I had a guarantee with them he called someone else because finally my machine had to be serviced then he found a scheme so that I did not guarantees it. He then told me either buy you a new machine and we'll break you or we won't do anything for you.I am stunned and I had to pay that 65euro !!!RUN AWAY !!!!
Anoupe H: Steals a deposit, brings a truck without warning, 1200 euros to clean a senior shredder, the plumber arrives without a toolbox and magnifies a pipeIf you want advice NEVER call this company there is better and much cheaper, you have to boycott it until closing time it's important for the next customers who will try to smoke
Olfnet Dunord: Unpleasant and does not respect its commitments! Unacceptable!
Sylvain DUFOURNY: Fast but overpriced, run away!Worthy of TV ripoffs

3. AVIA LOMME - Lomme

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Address: 293 Av. de Dunkerque, 59160 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 93 93 84

Business type: Gas station

AVIA LOMME: what do users think?
Francois Delvordre: Zero points for this service station, a shabby employee who puts away the packages but refuses to give me mine on the pretext that you have to come back at 2:00 p.m.It is 1:40 p.m. yet I have been given my package.Pathetic.
Doubyby M: The person wearing glasses, Saturday morning asking people for candy and speaking extremely badly, a disgrace. Rude and arrogant person.
Micheline Leroy: Very nice home
Marie Chap: I wonder about the commercial strategy of the station, the goal being obviously to scare away customers as far as possible!!!!!
ilyana aaa: Very kind
Mona: dans une station pourtant ouverte sans interruption de 7h à 20h15. Tout ça pour que je patiente sagement et que l’employé, qui s’est royalement tourné les pouces pendant que je suis allée patienter ailleurs, se décide enfin à me donner mon colis… qui attendait à 1m de la caisse. Le prétexte « il y a des horaires d’ouverture madame » est alors complètement bidon et un prétexte pour quelqu’un qui ne veut simplement pas travailler. D’autres, qui travaillent, ont autre chose à faire que de vous regarder ne rien faire le temps que vous acceptiez enfin de distribuer les colis qui sont dus !! Du jamais vu, vraiment n’importe quoi.(Translated by Google
Paul Bismuth: zero communication, hours not at all flexible, I do not recommend at all, and it's dirty, expensive gasoline, never a sense of service, a service station that helps is the base!
Dimitri FREVILLE: A very dirty but above all well-deserved note... refused to deliver a package claiming hours to be respected. However, on Mondial Relais the site indicates a possible delivery at the time I showed up. To flee.
habib 22: The seller in Lunette must change jobs. He doesn't seem in his element.I went to drop off a package, I ask him a question, he doesn't answer me. I buy a product, he slams it in front of me to scan it.He calls me on familiar terms even though we don't know each other.You have to make him relearn the rules of living together because he won't go very far with his sense of relationship.
Princesse d '1 père: Open late at night
Benedicte Boutte: Horribly expensive petrol and diesel. Other stations not far away and much cheaper
arnaud bled: Relay chronorelais supposedly but who refuses a package for its size! Ashamed
BOSSWANE 777: this service station, diesel is all the more expensive than elsewhere. Also the washing station never works
Tarek Amine: Le carburant est Trop chère Chez vous , comparée à TOTAL , INTERMARCHÉ , faut revoir vos prix
Rachel Ovick: désagréable et ne ferment pas à 21h le dimanche, fermé à 17h30 ce jour.
LNE VS - PRIVE: Je ne connaissais pas cette station-service, n'habitant pas près de celle-ci. Évidemment, il ne s'agit que de mon expérience, mais ce matin j'ai eu un petit problème avec ma voiture, j'ai trouvé cette station-service sur ma route et j'ai eu de l'aide immédiatement avec bienveillance, sans jugement et avec le sourire. Je pense qu il s agissait du couple gérant donc un immence merci à eux.
Magalie Roulez: Bien
Hania Assya: Je ne conseil pas du tout de vous faire dans ce point relais... Vendeur a lunette très agressif!!+
Justin Dammann: Fermé le dimanche !!!!!!
video-_- crackers: Very good fuel pump plus very welcoming seller
victor schmutz: At 8:15 p.m. there is no one left while the closing on the internet is marked 9 p.m., either a lack of professionalism or an information error.

4. Adaco Services 59 SARL - Flers-Bourg

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15 reviews
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Adaco Services 59 SARL
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Address: Mini Parc, 2 All. Lakanal, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

Schedule: Closes soon ⋅ 4PM ⋅ Opens 9AM Wed

Telephone: +33 3 20 07 14 10

Business type: Plumber

Adaco Services 59 SARL: what do users think?
Virginie RONDEAUX: Company in liquidation which did not even inform its customersToo bad because she was serious but the least you can do is send a message
Florence Delroeux: Telephone inaccessibleNot reachableJust saw that the company is in liquidationGreat not to be warned by the company which could have had the descent to warn its customers. subscriber since the beginning of the opening of the companyService:Heating system maintenance
Danielle Monneron: In liquidation...Without being warned
Pauline Fraumont: It was a very good company but unfortunately I have just read a judgment of opening of compulsory liquidation… here it is to warn you
Philippe Facq: Does not answer emails or the phone: the number "is no longer in service". How to do?Service:Heating system maintenance
Moi Même: Maintenance contract less than 1 years ago, trainee broke screws on my boiler to replace at my expense and for 1 years I realize that I have a minimal gas leak GrDF had to pass in emergency because impossible to to have the company on the phone!!! To fleeService:Water heater repair
Jean-Victor Hugeux: Very good responsiveness, professional technicians, top-notch repair. I recommend with eyes closed.Service:Water heater repair
Camille Le: It's good to meet real professionals and not scammers like the last plumber I called last year. Professional and friendly team, efficient and fast. They came to change my water heater and my sanibroyeur. I recommend !Service:Water heater installation
Olivier Dufour: Top service, very warm welcome and professional work! Well done, we can go there with our eyes closed!
Sylvain HONNART: Thank you for your professionalism, your advice and your sympathy.Quick contact with good communication.I recommend this professional and I keep your contact details.
Christophe Tiberghien: Very good service
Corinne Janbroers: I had my boiler replaced in February this year, and trying to restart it a few days ago it no longer works, a technician came to see what was happening in vain, a week later it does not work always not. I called the technicians this Friday nobody came. this weekend I find myself without heating without hot water all weekend and Monday I hope someone will come... well... really disappointed, and we are cold, thank you for the children.
Mathilde de Préville: Super professional and attentive teamThey intervened quickly and gave me very good advice.After comparing with other companies in the region I think it's the best value for money! I recommend +++
Maxime Bedel: I found Adaco's contact details on the Internet. After a very positive opinion during our first contact, they intervened for a breakdown on my boiler. The technician who intervened was attentive, took the time to find the origin of the breakdown and above all to explain all this to me, which was very useful for a novice like me. Out of conscience, however, I did several other quotes, and Adaco had one of the best value for money. We had to change our boiler in the end, we opted for a good brand, which ended up being at the same price as some companies for a lower quality. in short, super happy with my new boiler and this first meeting with Adaco. I have since recommended them quite a bit and have only had positive feedback.
Annick Descamps: October 15 maintenance of the boiler like every year nothing to complain about the company competent and friendly staff more than 10 years that we have been with them
Olivier THIBAULT: Efficient, fast, pro, price, only positive
Coraline Tembremande: The company came to change my boiler, they provided an estimate and intervened quickly, clean work and they even informed us very well about possible financial aid.
Marie Charlotte Bultez: So this heating engineer was recommended to me by the Engie site, so I thought it was a guarantee of quality.The first time a technician comes and starts clearing the company.Then new breakdown new very nice technician repaired the boiler Ok but a little strangeAgain a breakdown the new technician comes and it's a disaster tells me that it's all donkeys tells me his salary tells me that he is going to steer, then argues virulently with his private interlocutorWell I give up I just want him to tell me what my boiler has!So I am immediately given the quote by phone, all of mm close to 175 € and we agree on an appointment of course I specify that I have my children recovered midday and evening and that I prefer during school timeSo appointment made Monday morning in the morningMonday morning I'm waiting for the technician but nobody arrives at 10:45 a.m. I call and they tell me that he's late and that he's going to come so having my children to pick up at school I ask to have another appointment I'm even given days but at 2 p.m. and I'm waiting I'm still waiting for no one so I call again and they tell me he's late and they give me an appointment for the next dayThe next day I'm waiting I'm still waiting for someone and they tell me that the appointment is during the day I start to get angry and the lady tells me that he will come at 2 p.m. has for 15 minutes and that it is not the fault of the technician if he does not comeHe repairs in the meantime gives me his such pr ....The disassembled parts I put them aside to show my husband and when I returned it was no longer there .... in addition he told me that the pressure gauge was defective because of his colleague who filled the expansion tank incorrectly but it was me who had to pay for this defective part because of a technicianI would have believed in compensation but nothing from the secretaryBut the check was quickly debitedSo run away if you don't want to know what's going on in societyVery disappointed NEXT
Christian Lautier: I disagree with the previous review. Boiler changed following the purchase of an apartment, they had the history up to date for more than five years, clean installation and on time, respond to requests for advice thereafter, And very good customer contact for the technician Guillaume.Don't expect the so-called good deal from them, just prices commensurate with the job done.In short, competent and honest.
Pierre V: They came to service my boiler. And coincidentally, shortly after, I had to change my expansion tank!I can assure you that I have not used them and will never do so again.

5. Horiba France Sas - Poste.

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Horiba France Sas
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Address: 231 Rue de Lille, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

Telephone: +33 1 69 74 72 00

Business type: Manufacturer

6. KONE, agence de Lille - Prés

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KONE, agence de Lille
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Address: ZI de la Pilaterie Acticlub 5S, 18 Rue des Champs, 59491 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: +33 9 70 80 80 80

Business type: Elevator service

KONE, agence de Lille: what do users think?
ZI NET: Disrespectful and rude technicianHe urinated in the common areas of our buildingShameful and unacceptableIn addition to recurring elevator breakdowns
Logan Delval: , s'il ne serre pas à droiteencourt la même peine, mais avec en plus un retrait de 2 points et un risque de suspension du permis, s'il accélère »Contravention 4ème classe (art R414-16
Chevalier: De plus, leurs prix augmentent bien plus que ceux de la concurrence .Peu ou pas réactif du tout, nous n'avons plus la moindre confiance car après analyse et contrôle, un entretien d'ascenseur se fait en moins de 6 minutes chrono.A FUIR(Translated by Google
Emilie Dbrll: Complete replacement of the elevator since October 24 end of work on December 9, we are on the 9th and ohhh surprise no worker has been seen for the week, still 3 floors to do out of 7, no info, zero telephone assistance they can't give any info. It would be good to stop taking individuals hostage, do you mind that people can't leave their homes for a month and a half? For info 4 Av Henri Matisse in Aulnoy lez Valenciennes, finish your job. And do not put the blame on the HLM company because even to them you do not answer.
Alain Srodowa: This company is certainly not to be chosen as part of a market. Indeed, they attract companies by their low price but are unable to follow when there is a breakdown. In our block, two breakdowns in three months time, almost four weeks without a lift and this time, we are already fifteen days without and we are talking about next week for the repair but to be seen..... And I doubt. Block mainly inhabited by elderly and suffering people, six floors so I won't add anything to you. ASHAMED
Lucien Bruel: Very pleasant and friendly telephone reception, 😊
Shadia Kazadi: demander de raccrocher parce qu'elle n'allait pas rester avec moi au téléphone pendant des heures et que je n'avais qu'a rappeler quand je trouverai une solution ! on peut donc allé se faire voir avec notre immeuble de 8 étages et si tu es une personne à mobilité réduite tant pis pour toi.PS: l'appelle a durée exactement 5 min en comptant le temps d'attente avant d'avoir la conseillère.(Translated by Google
manou mamounette: Effective as far as possible. Kindness on the phone and also from the technician.
Nawel Atoui: Correct
Laurent Bléas: Des professionnels !😉

7. Maserati Lille - Hellemmes-Lille

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38 reviews
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Maserati Lille
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Address: Bd de l'Ouest, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 79 99 85

Business type: Car dealer

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