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1. Peña Estrella Flamenco Lille Nord Pas De Calais Picardie - Lille

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Peña Estrella Flamenco Lille Nord Pas De Calais Picardie
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Address: centre de danse Crasto, 81 Rue de Trévise, 59000 Lille, France

Telephone: +33 6 05 43 41 68

Business type: Flamenco school

Peña Estrella Flamenco Lille Nord Pas De Calais Picardie: what do users think?
swordame59: Best lesson I've ever had, me who doesn't like to dance 💃, I loved the lesson thanks to ESTRELLA and the guitarist
catherine rinet: Magnificent end-of-year show A flamenco gala in Old Lille Incredible. The choreographies are superb as the dancers and the musicians of the group LOS DE LA NOCHE are brilliant. Can't wait to start Flamenco lessons in Lille.
Aline Doyef: Teacher very attentive to his students and also very competent. I learned more in 2 years of courses at the peña Estrella than in x years of courses in other structures. Viva el Flamenco de Lille
Silvie VARDE: A great place where you can take lessons with ease. Estrella is a great teacher and a great Artist. Without hesitation enter it!
Sarah Henion: Spanish teacher, I met Estrella La Peli de Linares during her Flamenco school interventions in college. I was dazzled by the level and its performance. Without context the best intervention I have seen and there is. So I decided to enroll in PEÑA ESTRELLA classes to learn Flamenco in Lille. After having known her with the children, I discovered her pedagogy for adults and it's great! I was a little afraid to take lessons but I was more than confident. We see directly that Estrella comes from a family that practices Flamenco, she has a way of teaching it that is exceptional. A bailar Chicas
Nadine FROY: Beginner in Flamenco but not in dance, I wanted to test one or two places in the region, after going through different places, I decided to try with Estrella whose reputation was growing. Very nice meeting, an incredible teacher, very talented. The most is his attention with the students, having myself already taught, I found him very pedagogical and very attentive to his students. I highly recommend, I registered directly and take several courses.
tristan Mouchon: The Lille Flamenco school par excellence, Prof. Estrella is incredible, the courses offered are of high quality. I highly recommend !!!
PEÑA ESTRELLA: A place dedicated to Flamenco, artists and aficionados with respect for traditions and its evolution. Here Culture, art, love, friendship, solidarity, listening and pedagogy rhyme with Flamenco Lille Nord pas de Calais Picardie. the Peña Estrella is made for you, whether you are an experienced dancer, beginner, guitarist, singer artist, aficionado this association composed and built around Estrella la Peli de Linares professional dancer and choreographer from the North by student aficionados who believe in associative values and arts welcomes you to quality premises for excellent teaching with a confirmed and experienced teacher. Come and discover us!
LOS DE LA NOCHE: Flamenco Dance lessons in Lille given by Estrella la Peli de Linares, the Flamenco reference in Lille and the northern region of Pas de Calais Picardie Hauts de France. A team and students who are united around important values: culture, music, friendship, respect for artists and others. A real Lille Flamenco heritage within this Peña that we advise you to discover without further delay! Ole
Ibericamusica: Flamenco Dance School of Lille Nord Pas de Calais Picardie, competent teacher and pedagogue Estrella la Peli de Linares, the Lille Flamenco tradition. Dynamic and pleasant team, duende Flamenco, no hesitation it is the Flamenco place in Lille par excellence! We recommend for weekly lessons and dance, singing and guitar courses. La peña Estrella also offers shows of high quality assured.

2. Maison Folie Moulins - Lille

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Maison Folie Moulins
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Address: 47 Rue d'Arras, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM Wed

Telephone: +33 3 20 95 08 82

Business type: Cultural center

Maison Folie Moulins: what do users think?
Boudis Ali: Super moment avec Sidney hip hop
Antoine Zdrojewski: Lieu sympa ou l'on peut déguster de bonne bière et un petit concert en prime
SADI TOURE: نغلىببا
Aurélien Domage: Ambiance conviviale et bière de qualité. Une petite bulle de fraîcheur!
DERVILLE ISABELLE: No digital museum due to network failure. Not warned ...... photo exhibition instead with answers to questions.
Fanny Titrit Pignol Dusang: Everything was closed. It was complicated to get information on how the place works, and when I ended up with a before it was to tell me that nothing was happening and that nothing was accessible.
Cec Pod: Very welcoming place and good atmosphere I went there as part of the Panic evenings
Antoine Lefevre: Awesome place to enjoy alternative music band live !
Florence Dumetz: Awesome !!! Again, too good.
Antoine Delannoy: Great cultural places, pretty, pleasant staff!
Emilie Parchantour: Un lieu formidable ! Le Mini Lab est génial 😊
Loic Vandersype: Une salle de spectacle sympa avec une bonne programmation. Dans un lieu industriel historique.
Huguette Prévost: Bel endroit , vivant et accueillant , très belle rénovation, et manifestations sympa !
Karima Beyyoudh: Superbe expérience à conseiller j'ai adoré la guide adorable
Yasmina Boufaroua: Android très sympa a refaire très vite
Rima Mia Seb: Very nice experience, and for the children and for me and the people who work there are very friendly and kind
Momo Palponce: Very well laid out
Christine Delassus: Interesting discovery close to home, which we went there for the Utopia Lille 3000 exhibition. Excellent welcome and very detailed explanations from the young girl who received us in the exhibition hall. We learned a little more about the history of the Moss People and were able to contemplate them in miniature after having admired them for a long time in giant format in the city center of Lille rue Faidherbe. We will come back.
Christophe BEAUPOIL: I love this exhibition space located in an old converted brewery. There is also an outdoor relaxation area with very pleasant deckchairs, a café, a digital space,... To discover without delay
Şilêr: The Maison Folie Moulins is a public building built for the event Lille 2004, European capital of culture . It is located rue d´Arras in Lille- Moulins, a popular district of Lille.
Marie Pastruch: Uun endroit magique.J'ai beaucoup appris.Je recommande.

3. L'Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing - Tourcoing

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9 reviews
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L'Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing
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Address: 82 Bd Gambetta, 59200 Tourcoing, France

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 2PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 26 66 03

Business type: Theater company

L'Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing: what do users think?
Charle Dira: Top
Carole Dufour: Always high quality. Thank you
Eric Desruennes: Extraordinary Vivaldi-C.E. Bach concert last night in Marcq with a magical countertenor, Alexis Kossenko and musicians in great shape, obviously happy to play together!
Jérémy Gouvart: Exceptional theatre!

4. Lesquin Cultural Center - Lesquin

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Lesquin Cultural Center
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Address: 1 Rue Camille Claudel, 59810 Lesquin, France

Telephone: +33 3 62 13 79 90

Business type: Cultural center

Lesquin Cultural Center: what do users think?
Sonia HASNI: est très bien fournie. Elle fait partie du réseau des bibliothèques du Mélantois.(Translated by Google
Stéphane Debruille: Very good team nothing to complain about!
vincent maire: Good programming
Lulu Lulu: Room for about 100 people. Well installed. I recommend
H M: Great place to share. Family friendly, welcoming, well maintained and professional. Strongly next week that we go back.
E D.: After several years in this magnificent room, we realize that the school is a bit small and the room is very quickly full, but it is magnificent.
Khamphon INTHAVONG: Beautiful area. The room is modern and spacious. The only problem is how hot it was in the theater.
nathalie nath: Dany Boon Cultural Center it is quite simply a great honor to have the name of Dany Boon
Lau Vdsarren: Nice initiative musical discoveries on Saturday at 11:11 a.m.
Françoise CEBULSKI: Magnifique. On voit bien, on entend bien et on est bien assis !
Léon Lheureux: Varié propre rangé
mohamed chekaf: Bel ensemble.
Franck Meunier: Lieu de culture et de découvertes enrichissantes
Jane Marie Delaby: Superbe dimanche am à Lesquin salle Dany Boune
Deroubaix Marc: J’y passe d’excellents moments. Détente garantie
Valentine Strale (Val): donc vraiment pas pratiques. Les vestiaires sont corrects mais ne sont pas surveillés, ne comportent pas de verrous et ne donnent pas sur les salles. Clairement on n'y laisse rien de valeur... Dommage.Ah oui, il y a une salle de piano dans un aquarium à côté des salles de danse soit dans le couloir, je n'y suis jamais rentrée mais apparemment ils entendent fort la musique des salles de danse et les bruits du couloir (qui plus est cette salle est à côté de l'entrée
Valerie Lescieux: Great...concept designed for everyone. A little remote but very affordable
Jp Dub: We stumbled upon this new place which hosted the Christmas market a little by chance... Nice installation, beautiful multi-purpose room... We have to come back to see a show...
Dominique Touil: Very good media library
dominique pichon: Un lieu formidable. De belles découvertes musicales. Des concerts de grande qualité. Certains gratuits le samedi matin. Installations et équipements au top.
marie travers: Très jolie salle, avec gradins

5. Sciences Po Lille - Lille

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Sciences Po Lille
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Address: 9 Rue Auguste Angellier, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 90 48 40

Business type: University

Sciences Po Lille: what do users think?
barbara Lilin: A very selective competition but then excellent study conditions in a beautiful and pleasant place to live, very well located in the heart of the city and with a truly remarkable library.Many sectors, double masters and exchanges with foreign countries.
Vincent Fabri: excellent establishment
Tümmler: Turned my Erasmus semester into a nightmare. Professors and lectures who don’t know how to actually teach and bring content to students and seem to have an authority problem which is show by being uselessly rude to us. Overpriced food in the kiosk, an elevator which won’t let students use it.If you’re looking for an exchange semester or Erasmus semester, then keep looking cus this ain’t it.
eliane Cretel: you didn't accept Sacha.
George N.: Great school. My ex Louise went there.
Fazal Jamil: Sir i saw a post on social media of Science po Lille University they offered master degree in Eating,Drinking,Leaving.So how we can apply and how we get Admission?And what about Foreign students,Can Foreign students apply for this degree?If apply so what will be the process?And also clear about scholarship for Foreign students.
Mathilde S: Me who was thinking of becoming a dermatologist... too bad for the science of po👎👎
Quentin Strilecki: There was no sound at the beginning of François Hollande's conference, I who am a big fan, I was particularly disappointed with the quality of the organization
Luis Miguel Parra Martín: Un edificio imponente para una disciplina muy necesaria y respetada en Francia
Renée Louchart: Très bien ! Lieu magnifique. Très bon accueil -
Bonjourent Bonjourent: La honte.
Kimia Naide: Est ce qu'il y'a tant de mixité sociale qu'ils veulent le faire croire par rapport aux autres sciences po (répondez honnêtement svp)?
ERIC: Une Université contrôlé par une oligarchie lilloise pour filtrer les inscriptions en fonction de la tête du client, une honte pour la Démocratie et la République de notre pays.
Dorian Solignac: Bonne école
Omega E-Sport: Great because this Saturday there is possibility likes with ad and it's great!!!!
Bastien Michelot: A magnificent school, it must be an idyllic setting to study within this building
paul laborde: Excellent school, the tuna faluche is worth the detour
Ramzi KHACHA: Poly Sciences
Louis Decupper: Simply beautiful building and library!
Karl ZNG: Very nice campus
Body Freindel: nothing more better

6. Marius Staquet Centrum - Mouscron

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495 reviews
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Marius Staquet Centrum
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Address: Charles de Gaulleplein 10, 7700 Mouscron, Belgium

Telephone: +32 56 86 01 60

Business type: Cultural center

7. Le Grand Huit - Lille

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17 reviews
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Le Grand Huit
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Address: 108 Quai Géry Legrand, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 8PM

Telephone: +33 6 08 25 74 91

Business type: Bicycle rental service

Le Grand Huit: what do users think?
Gregory Govaert: Deuxième fois que je loue un vélo au grand huit. Service toujours au top . Personnes agréables et arrangeantes . Je recommande 😊
Elisabeth DELMAS: Experience désagréable!La promesse d'une belle journée à velo envolée !Difficultés à trouver le loueur une fois arrivée à l'endroit indiqué par le GPS.Appel et réponse d'une personne à peine aimable de part son ton agacé :- "Non mais en fait, on ne va pas vous louer de vélo aujourd'hui. Je suis sur une course là !- Mais M., j'ai réservé un vélo en ligne pour la journée et rien n'indiquait que cela n'était pas possible !- Vous allez être remboursée !(Il apparaît au ton utilisé que je dérange le M. en question)Il fallait attendre ma confirmation par mail !- Excusez moi mais cela n'était pas précisé.- Si ! Dès ce soir, je vais vous le prouver ! "Je reste estomaquée de cet échangeJ'espère que ce loueur de vélo saura tirer une amélioration de cette expérience.
marie gambier: Super baladeBelle découverte d’endroits insolitesLe guide a été parfaitOn était enchanté de la ballade
Izabela Arczykowska: Très belle balade et la guide super sympa
Timothy Pollington: Excellent tour by Lisa. She was fun and informative. Small group. Probably the bit on TGV lines and Flanders being a terminus was a bit of a red herring but all other facts informative.
Rozemarijn Snijder: Wij hebben een fietstour gedaan via baja bikes (waarbij een dame van Le grand huit de tour deed). Dit was erg leuk! Veel bezienswaardigheden van lille gezien. Ook hebben we een dag later fietsen gehuurd. Wat goed bevallen is! Van Le grand huit hebben we ook de goede tip gehad om naar Wambrechies te fietsen.
Lucie SPILEERS: L'endroit parfait pour tout bon Lillois avide d'expérience et de liberté. Initiation de Paddle le mercredi soir et le samedi après midi ou visite guidée en vélo hollandais. Dans tous les cas vous ne serez pas déçu !!
Wallerand Declemy: "L'animation" velofun est juste géniale ! Du grand-Bi au mini vélo en passant par le tandem à 3 personnes.. des tas de vélos tous plus géniaux les uns que les autres !
isa: Le vélo c'est l'Idéal pour visiter Lille !Nous avons découvert des endroits inattendus, notre guide est passionné et charmanteÀ faire pour voir Lille autrement 😊
cormon karine: Activity proposed during a seminar, the objective being to work on the chef/assistant pair. Very playful, we really enjoyed it, the entertainers were very funny and excellent. I recommend the experience
Letisse: Coming in 2018 for a bachelor party it was quite nice. On the other hand, we fell on the weekend of the Lille sale and to drive in town and have a guided tour of Lille was complicated. It even shrunk in terms of the ride. Otherwise the person who accompanied us was very nice and trying to ride on all the bikes offered was quite fun. So basically the experience is very nice but surely to be avoided on a day of clearance sale.
joel sueur: Great time spent with colleagues. Thanks again to the organization for all the explanations on the city of Lille
nord sud: A great cool way to see the city.
Samantha Trieu: Great ride, I made discoveries about this beautiful city. The guide was very nice. I recommend !
Damien Bill: Volunteer of the super nice association, good walk on the Deule... :-D
Slap'a Kaktus: , un bon moment en compagnie de Jean-Baptiste qui partage ses connaissances sur cette ville.(Translated by Google
adrien chantome: Dans le cadre d'un enterrement de vie de jeune fille, une activité très sympa qui plaît à tous !
Onno de Vries: Heerlijk fietsen door de stad Lille onder leiding van een gids vol boeiende verhalen.
Xavier Lévy: Initiation dans un cadre au charme étonnant si près de Paris.Une équipe très chaleureuse et rassurante.Un moment sportif et poétique.
Veronica Montuenga: Hicimos un tour por la ciudad con Le Grand Huit. Nuestro guía había vivido en Barcelona y hablaba un correcto castellano, incluso algo de catalán. Albán, nuestro guía, era muy majo y muy divertido. En todo momento se esforzó por hacer la visita animada y enseñarnos algo de historia de la ciudad. Una servicio que recomiendo a todos los españoles que visiten Lille.

8. Lycee Gaston Berger - Lille

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Lycee Gaston Berger
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Address: Av. Gaston Berger, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 49 31 59

Business type: High school

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