Best Craft Beers In Lille Near Me

La Capsule Lille Craft Beers Lille BEERSTRO - Taverne Moderne The Palace of Beer B148 - The Place to Beer L'Abbaye des Saveurs La Biche & Le Renard AB InBev France

1. La Capsule Lille - Lille

· 1695 reviews

25 Rue des trois Mollettes, 59800 Lille, France

Address Website

2. Craft Beers Lille - Lille



· 14 reviews

4 bis Sq. du Ramponneau, 59000 Lille, France

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Craft Beers Lille: what do users think?
Nicolas Cuypers: Super store that offers a wide choice of beer but also wines, champagne and spirits!Big plus: a lot of beers are already cold and that's great!The managers are super friendly and above all give good advice!The best thing is that there is private parking, a rare thing for a store in Lille!I highly recommend.
Kevin Morel-Chevillet (Kalad): Exemplary establishment run by two passionate and competent professionals. Local and craft beers for all tastes, it's impossible not to find what you're looking for, no matter your budget.
Charles Bouaziz: Very warm welcome and very good advice
Yann Thomas: Efficient and pleasant store.
sacha swinvort: Having gone here among all the establishments selling beer in Lille, I ask an advisor for a blond beer, trusting I realize once opened in Vauban that it is amber, I go back with the open beer but not consumed, another seller tells me that it is a blonde, but I reread the label which marks "Ambré", from there he tells me that he does not reimburse.Ccl: Poor service and non-existent commercial gesture. Lille and Lille deserve better.
John McLane: I went to Craft Beers Lille today.I was very well received by a person who loves what she does and who loves the products she sells.The shop is well supplied, well laid out, a bar should see the light of day if a license is granted.It is possible to do a beer brewing workshop with a beer ready 10 days later.The prices are very correct. Cool beers in case of strong heat or strong thirst.Possible even to take draft beer bottled "minute".Moreover, you will not only find beer but also wine, champagne, rum, whiskey, gin, tonic, non-alcoholic beer...In short, I don't understand why I didn't go there before! To see and to discover!
William Deschamps: Very good selection of beers that expands as and when, including local but not only. Great welcome and good advice too!
Sébastien Petitprez: Topissime 🙂😊😄A large selection of craft beers from here and elsewhere.Wine for all feasts.Superb dijos, and 🍺 pressure to go...Added to that some good advice for those who don't know anything about it,This is the winning equation of the conquered customer
Céline DESGOUILLONS: Very warm welcome and valuable advice. Recommended 👍
Murielle Kg: Very good customer service. Excellent choice of wines
Martin Drencourt: A nice refresh for this beautiful shopA large selection of beer but also the same range of wine as beforeVery welcoming staff do not hesitate to push the door! rbcdexia: Always very good advice, a large choice I highly recommendSee you soon
Anne-Sophie Noffe: Lots of regional beers, it's great! A store where you want to spend time...And they still have my aperitif wines!
Claudie Lefrancq: For beer lovers, a must visit this pretty Lille shop 👍🤗
Sandrine Derache: I have known the Chais de Savor for a long time, and appreciate the warm welcome, the choice and the good advice of Cédric and Éric.The updating of the shop is top notch, with this extra section of craft beers, I recommend it without any problem!
Benoist Brancart: Very nice place with choice for all tastes 👍👍I recommend without hesitationTop👍👍👍
Soraya Bouheni: Vivement que l'on puisse déguster sur place!Bref, je valide!(Translated by Google
Luc Vivaro: Welcome, friendliness and advice are on the agenda. Very wide variety of products, I recommend!
Rudy LEFRANCQ: New concept after Les chais du Savoir, there is a lot of choice and advice. I also recommend for hospitality.
Feel Goood: Modern concept combining beers, wines & spiritsBeer geeks will find themselves there, it's worth the detour..
Alban Houze: Superb store, lots of choice, especially in regional and national beers, the advice is of quality, good visibility, I recommend 👍

3. BEERSTRO - Taverne Moderne - Lille

· 1208 reviews

10 Rue du Pont Neuf, 59000 Lille, France

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BEERSTRO - Taverne Moderne: what do users think?
Pauline Dupont: Très bon passage au beerstro et bonnes variétés de bière.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Burger Beerstro …More
Rémi Deroussen: Beau concept , beau choix de bières, bouffe extra. Je recommande vivementFood: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Burger Beerstro …More
Alessandro Del Piero: Très bienFood: 5/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Welsh Complet …More
M1rta Nanas: Choix sympathique de bières et jolie verrière ouvrante réalisée par Art et Maison.Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
celine leboucher: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Burger Beerstro, Le Burger BistroMore
Nath Deprat: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Cynthia Veniez: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Planche Fromage CharcuterieMore
Pierre-Louis Marty: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Laura VENIEZ: Food: 4/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 4/5More
Margaux Aye: The Norwegian bun and roll, a novelty à la carte, a madness
Anhthi Lu: et le Welsh (pas du tout écoeurant malgré le gras
Christine Canonne: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Burger BeerstroMore
laurence vassal: We come regularly and we are never disappointed:the meals are homemade, the atmosphere is warm and friendly and the setting is magnificentIn short, we recommend this place and will come back without hesitation!
Lisa Villequey: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 3/5More
Bryan Kidey: Food: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 4/5Recommended dishes Burger BeerstroMore
Samuel Ribeiro: Perfect !Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Welsh Complet …More

4. The Palace of Beer - Lille

· 313 reviews

11 Pl. de la Gare, 59800 Lille, France

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The Palace of Beer: what do users think?
José Van Daele: Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Neko Japan: Pleasant waiter taking ordersUnfortunately:- When we tell him that we have not received the drinks.... he answers yes yes but does not serve them when they have been on the bar for 5 minutes just behind him. A second reminder was necessary.- Error in the order ... quickly rectified.- Beers served without foam and in the wrong glasses. A white in a glass of Triple Fort and a Triple Fort in a glass of white.- Makes a mistake in the addition in our favor of a few 1€50 and a second time in his favor of +/- 6€.
Manon Florins: Pleasant moment, fast and very pleasant service! Thank you for your welcome very quickly.
Mandy Simoulin: Great place to drink and eat. Nice kitchen, warm welcome.Great welcome and very good staff.Thank you !See you very soon 😉
Maelys Coopman: A charming and very nice place, we didn't eat but just had a drink, the atmosphere was cool because we were among friends otherwise the bar does not try to set the mood.Prices are affordable
Vanessa Deman: Eating mussels at the clearance sale in this café, I do not recommend it uncooked mussels, not washed fries not well cooked they are overwhelmed okay but still 18€ for uncooked mussels it is abused
Patrick Ribes: A most unpleasant eveningWe were kicked out at 11:25 p.m. on the pretext that they were going to have a fine with administrative closure. A shameful speech from the boss, scandalous doses of appetizers for children dishes heated in the microwave to avoid absolutelyAbove all, do not set foot
Yigit Akbas: same beer different price
Nathalie Cazier: Order made by Uber eats and drinks not delivered. And impossible to reach them on the phone. First and last time. And the fries are cooked!!!!!!
Mathieu Lazoore: Svise irreproachable good service nothing to reproach
Honorine Caron: . Nous avons réagi face à ce comportement inadmissible, pour ensuite nous faire insulter de plusieurs noms non appropriés pour un avis public au risque de me faire censurer. La seule raison pour laquelle il n'en est pas venu aux mains est sûrement parce que deux personnes l'ont retenu lorsqu'il s'est avancé vers moi.Cette soirée illustre bien le reste des avis que je vois sur cette page et je ne doute pas que nous parlons de la même personne.Le Palais de la Bière représente bien ici tout ce qu'on peut trouver de mauvais.Je vous laisse gentiment la photo de cet homme aussi insipide qu'abject. Pour information, nous avons filmé une partie de cette chère rencontre lorsque la violence a commencé à monter dans ce corps ordurier, ainsi personne ne pourra le défendre.(Translated by Google
zebisonbleu: Pushing and mocking a homeless young man is no way to attract customers. Yelling insults when you make the remark is not one either. I'm talking about the rather strong server with glasses, who kindly called us names when we pointed out that his way of pushing someone away was not respectful. To flee.
Cassandra Pyré: . Le graal aura été le moment où les serveurs ont a deux reprises virés malproprement des groupes ayant déplacés des tables sans demander (toujours le sujet de la politesse
Souris Bleue: . Propreté des toilettes à revoir. Cher pour ce que c'est.(Translated by Google
Sébastien ISACH: At each photo session that I do in Lille, I like to take the time to take a break in this establishment. The welcome is always pleasant, the dishes of quality.To end this pleasant moment well, an ice cream allows me to end this break well. Thanks to all the teams
Maëlys le bras: Food: 2/5|Service: 3/5|Atmosphere: 2/5More
Emmanuel Thibierge: Classic brasserie opposite the train station, do not expect miracles. Cleanliness and hygiene inadmissible toilets, smells that we smell well before arriving at the toilets.
Monique Vandamme: Very used to going to their houseTake the meal...17.€60 dish of the day stewed pork p of t shots 1 drink .. I had asked for fries with my meat to replace the shots they told me it was possible. ...I HAD BOTH .🤔....
mohammed amine Rabhi: A bar that does not respect people orders take a lot of time!!
Baptiste Rugeri: Sans intérêt, mais "fait le taff"

5. B148 - The Place to Beer - Lille

· 824 reviews

148 Rue du Molinel, 59800 Lille, France

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B148 - The Place to Beer: what do users think?
Arthur Pasquier: Recommended dishes Bière Belge PinteMore
Louis Decocq: Very nice discovery, we will come back!!!The cocktails are super good and not too expensive.
ange tranchida: 18 euros le verre de whisky bien dosé je trouve ça un peu chero 😕 mais bon c’est un cadeau apparement car il coute 20 euros « normalement »Service: 1/5|Atmosphere: 3/5 …More
Therese thery: In the top ! Nothing to say . Fast serviceWarm and family welcome. I come back often. Keep going !!
Sandra Fagnani: Pas de difusion de match à moin de donner ses propres codes les bieres sont au meme prix que les autres bars de Lille même après 4 tourné ne met pas la sienne
Johanna Demeire: THE place to be à Lille ! On peut dire que le bar porte très bien son nom : ambiance au top, un accueil très agréable, des serveurs de qualité (s'enjailler sur du Disney et discuter mangas, une masterclass), je recommande ++ !
Kenny Den-haese: Bonne ambiance, musique au top, serveur au top et bon choix de bière
vincent: Ambiance très sympathique néanmoins j'ai l'impression que la carte des 130 bières a disparue 😭
Manu Ducreu: , car plus intéressé par son portable. Pas arrangeant du tout (il y avait de la place à l'étage mais il n'avait pas envie d'aller y allumer la lumière
Stavros Gessis: . Un joli comptoir avec une longue liste de bières à la pression (26 annoncées
ulysse Studer: A great selection of reasonably priced beers. Unfortunately, a minimum payment of €10 is now required to pay by card.
Greg Rague: 🐶
Praha: Lots of beer choices. Friendly waitress and original decoration but concern for beer pressure, a bit annoying when you are a beer bar!
Emilie Lefebvre: (Translated by Google
Erwan Williamson: A strong northern beer bar where you can come and sip pints.Don't expect a calm atmosphere conducive to discussion, people come here to raise their elbows.The service is efficient, the premises are correct.
Merci Laisné: Fantastic place! Excellent customer service, efficient process.
Remi MOURET: Very nice bar with a great selection of beer!The setting is warm and up to dateBe careful, however, at busy times which can be a bit noisy for the discussion
geo vicar: Drinks at good prices. 12 draft beers. Nice decoration. happy hour
Emeline Bitam: Great pub in Lille nice selection of beer, very cool staff, happy hours 👌
Nolan Andre: I expected a little more choice and Craft beers, hence the disappointment!The atmosphere is rather warm, I recommend for Trappist fans.

6. L'Abbaye des Saveurs - Lille

· 149 reviews

13 Rue des Vieux Murs, 59000 Lille, France

Address Website
L'Abbaye des Saveurs: what do users think?
Andruch Sylvain: Top top top ...thanks matthias for the advice
Denis Anton (D_Butcher): et un accueil royal, l'Abbaye des Saveurs porte bien son nom: un lieu chaleureux et marquant gustativement.(Translated by Google
Maureen van Brandenburg: Personal advice for a delicious local beer!
Kevin Vasseur: Great tasting!Thank you for these discoveries.
S Trail: Staff, very friendly, price a bit high, but quality drinks especially sparkling apple juice 😉😁
Valentin LOISEAUX: Perfect welcomeI should have just tried the non-alcoholic beer 😉
antoine fornies: The sellers are very friendly and give excellent advice. I discovered great new beers, I recommendDo not hesitate to ask the server for the special
Juliette Catho: . Cadre sympathique, dans le vieux Lille, avec une équipe qui saura vous conseiller à la perfection ! Big up à la bière à la betterave 🙌🏻(Translated by Google
tiphaine: very good advice and delicious beers!
W. G.: Fijne locatie, sympathieke zaak (beetje duur). Aangenaam verrast door de biersuggesties van de ober.
Claire Bouquin: Very good selection of beers! However, we are not told before sitting down that we must take something to eat in order to consume! So 4 stars!
Stuart Devlin: A must place to visit in Lille. Great beer selection and brilliant staff who are super friendly. They discuss your tastes and choose beers for you on that basis. Visited several times and never disappointed by their choices. You can also choose your own beers from their extensive selection if you wish. 10/10
raphael bionnier: Very good surprise!With my friends we were strolling in the streets of Lille when suddenly we noticed this establishment, I was personally reluctant at first .. but I am delighted to say that I liked everything!The concept is simple, you sit down then a waiter comes to you, you tell him about your tastes, your drink desires and he brings you one that will match 😁Quite atypical but very nice because we do not know in advance what we are going to drink.Small important point: if you want to consume on the spot you will certainly have to eat a sausage 😅The decor and atmosphere are cool! Fast service, very friendly waiter, good quality sausage, the price is reasonable!I was quite surprised by this! And all the more so when I saw sanitary napkins available for free in the mixed toilets.Very nice once again!I will definitely be back 😁THANKS !
Manon Pelletier: Super nice bar!!Same for the server!!!
Jennifer Baraffe: Very pleasant place in old Lille, good quality craft beer and very warm welcome too. I recommend 👌
Jack Wodcke: A wonderful team, wonderful selection of beers from around town, great knowledge of what they have to offer and most importantly, a sense of good welcoming.
Pauline Potier: Very nice and good advice 😀👍
Sonia Asmodee: Serveurs très agréables et d'excellents conseils!! Les bières qu'ils ont choisi pour nous étaient très bonnes et nous correspondaient parfaitement.
Yannick Kraamer: Thanks for the recommendation! 👌
MEUNIER SOPHIE: Ambiance sympathique ; choix exceptionnel et bons conseils : nous avons passé un excellent moment.

7. La Biche & Le Renard - Lille

· 454 reviews

14 Rue de Gand, 59800 Lille, France

Address Website
La Biche & Le Renard: what do users think?
clara alexopoulos: Super expérience !!Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Anais Dillies: Très bon moment passée avec une amie dans ce bar manque un peu de cockails ne fais pas la fameuse pina colada mais reste top quand même jolie petit endroit en tout cas avec nos tables d école retour à notre enfance
Jeff Ld: Bon bar before avec de bonnes bières
Baptiste CARLIER: Excellent bar Lillois rempli d'amour.Les cocktails sont bons. Les bières sont bonnes. Les petites choses à langer aussi.Essayez la terrasse en été en fin de journée avec une buratta à partager. Le soleil et le cadre seront très agréable 😊Il y a souvent du monde donc appeler pour réserver si vous n'êtes pas trop nombreux et soyez à l'heure évidemment (!)
Jules Dussart: Super endroit pour boire un verre au vieux lille !
Elodie Gaspar (Petiit5): Cocktail super! Service impeccable et très bonne ambiance. Sous le charme des lieux
hubert esnault: Quel accueil lors de votre événement à la friche... je viens faire un ping-pong avec mes enfants et la délicate personne de l accueil, avec sa belle perruque rose et ses belles lunettes de soleil, qui doit donc être très fun, ne trouve rien de mieux de dire devant mes enfants qu'ils ne sont pas les bienvenus ce soir et qu il n y aura pas de ping-pong mais. Quel savoir être...
Nicolas Mucha: A place where you feel good, with a choice of beers that will delight all tastes and something to treat you if you are hungry: nothing to complain about
Guillaume Descours: Good beer, great atmosphere and good location. Whether in the afternoon or at the end of the evening, you have to go and enjoy the place!
Philippe Dessoly: Really good, good atmosphere
Antony Frau: Rude servers. To flee
constancecoq: Great atmosphere, atypical decor, and the service is super cool ☺️Something to spend a very good evening 👏🏻
Amine Chioukh: Super nice decor and impeccable seasonal beer, and the super nice bartender
Erwan Williamson: A superb bar in old Lille, relaxed atmosphere "like at home". Deco based on recovered objects.Good selection of local beers and possibility to snack.About twenty places at most.
Guillermo Cruzado: Un buen sitio donde beber cerveza o vino, divertida decoración pero precios algo elevados.
Eric Devillard: Bar in old Lille with a good atmosphere and good cocktails
Mat Travel: Cool little bar in the "old Lille"
Guénaël Frémondière: et ils nous en ont quand même fait, vraiment super sympa. Nous reviendrons 🙂(Translated by Google
louis boulasse: Very cute bar, very knowledgeable and sympathetic bartenderI strongly recommend
sandra Bento: Good address to enjoy a good little 🍺. You will be received with a smile
Grégoire Sayadi: Bonne sélection de bières.

8. AB InBev France - Lille

· 18 reviews

38 All. Vauban, 59110 La Madeleine, France

Address Website WhatsApp
AB InBev France: what do users think?
ghislaine winne: I have not visited this place I only want to know why we no longer deliver stella Artois in stores in France thank you
Maxime Hennequet: Beware of scams....Basically thieves, to be widely distributed to people interested in taking a contract with them, and if possible choose their commercial
Florence Depuis: Post "fake" recruitment ads on the internet:Arrange recruitment interviews to build up a pool of candidates at low cost, and once the interviews are over, no more news when they promise to call back.This company wasted a lot of my time. It's a shame to resort to methods like this in 2019.Very very disappointed
Vincent Delecourt: Bequ building especially th floor
Rasul Ramazan: Great Beers, Great People!
Emmanuel Rondeau: Very pleasant working environment
Silvio Sca: Great Place to work!
Vianney Lesage: Good

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