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1. Air Dance Studio - Lille

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Air Dance Studio
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Address: 50 Rue Jean Jaurès, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 7:30PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 53 90 35

Business type: Dance school

2. Conservatoire de Lille - Lille

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Conservatoire de Lille
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Address: Rue Alphonse Colas, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 9:15PM

Telephone: +33 3 28 38 77 50

Business type: Dance school

Conservatoire de Lille: what do users think?
François René-Bazin de Jouy: Nice place, and nice acoustics
nicolas knockaert: Beautiful room with welcoming staff
Hugues Huddlestone: High level school.
Francois Baudinet: Concerts Appart for the moment exceptional instrumentalists, informed public and for a very long time...Nice room good acoustics and good visibility.
Christian Amirault: Place always well equipped and studied for learning music as well as for concerts.
N I: Très satisfait avec l'enseignement suivi pour ma fille.Merci beaucoup..
pascal gorski: J'ai pratiqué pas pour assister à un concert mais pour préparer une prestation sur Lille en décembre. Très beau bâtiment Très bonne acoustique .
Christophe HALNA: Magnifique endroitSuperbe musique
Lyderic Engelaere: A fuir car un prénommé raxime rolinr étudie la bas (dangereux)
PasT T: Very nice place, where we enjoy seeing artists, musicians, quality
ALEX MC II: Very good conservatory, the black point is the state of the building: the painting of the walls,...
Colar Kevin: This institution declines over time! Lack of useful communication, elitist selection, completely incompetent educational manager with a very aggressive attitude! In short, most teachers are condescending and have nothing to do with students, especially those whose parents are not in the business. The child of the deputy director or the head teacher does not suffer from bullying from the teachers, they have classes reserved for their revisions. All this has been noted and I deplore this type of discriminatory attitude at all levels. On good terms.
JACQUILENES: Hermosa arquitectura. Me gustó mucho estar ahí
Cyprien Hoët: Super conservatory with a good level of instrument classes and a warm, dynamic atmosphere!

3. Singing Studio Lille - Lille

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446 reviews
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Singing Studio Lille
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Address: 185 Pont de Flandres, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 6PM Wed

Telephone: +33 3 20 15 87 89

Business type: Karaoke bar

Singing Studio Lille: what do users think?
Ina V: Scammers!! They don’t pick up the phone, their website is lagging all the time. We went all the way to the place and it says its open, only for no one to show up and open. Honestly don’t go there if u dont want to waste your time!
Tony Lassue: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Cécile GALANT: Awesome new experience. To redo
Jennifer Duplouy: Food: 3/5|Service: 4/5|Atmosphere: 5/5More
Priscilla M: We had a great evening, very warm welcome by the staff.I recommend this karaoke.Good atmosphere and very cleanKid-friendliness: Aussi bien pour les adultes comme les enfantsParking: Parking casino barrière juste à côté
mohamed bouaziz: Excellent !Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Michael LACROIX: Great place easily accessible from Lille train station. The animation was good, the software for the karaoke a little finicky. Bar service is acceptable.
Anaïs HERNOULD: Very very very disappointed!I called to report a problem, was told they could not answer me and had to send an email. I sent 2 which remained unanswered.But my money is cashed.Running away is not serious at all.In response to your message.Read your emails again because I called the day before, telling the person at reception and I also sent an email the day before signed with my name.You are showing bad faith and in my emails I asked you to call me back or at least I expected a response from you. This is very bad business management.
Arnaud Wille: Second experience after a few years, very disappointed with this one.The microphones weren't working properly when we arrived. Too bad, this should be checked before each client.Reservation around 7:00 p.m. to spend 2 hours and have a bite to eat, unfortunately, nothing to snack on... Too bad.The sound of the room is not very good, we even see a shift of the words on the screen with the sound.Mixed experience.
Gregory Tissier: We had a good time at the karaoke for 2 hours and in addition we had taken the birthday formula so I found it great for a moment of relaxation of 2 hours
Anne Ngo: , les boissons étaient bien servies avec une part de gâteau (kit anniversaire
Laury Guilbert: We had a good time for an air-conditioned bachelor party, the choice of songs was correct. A very small flat barely the hour arrived 5 seconds after the staff already enters the room to clear and make us understand that we must leave the room. I found it a bit average. But other than that a great time spent with friends.
Audrey Waterlot: Very good atmosphere with our groupRoom a bit small for 11 peopleVery good cocktails for a decent price
Kiloo Koo: Good time spent at the singing studio Lille. The private space is nice. Good atmosphere. Appetizer board a little light but good.
Phedra Bouvier: L’accueil est sympathique. Les salles sont propres et belles. J’ai passé des bons moments entre famille et amis.(-
Sandra Ayed: . Cela nous est refusé. Nous faisons demi-tour et allons boire un verre ailleurs. Dommage.Nous revenons ensuite et nous sommes conduits dans l'un des studio. Une chaleur à ne plus pouvoir respirer, des micros qui fonctionnent à peine... bref on attendait vraiment la fin de notre session.Je ne conseille pas cet endroit et n'y remettrai plus les pieds!(Translated by Google
Mélanie Duvivier: First time testing karaoke and it was a good experience. The decor of the room is magnificent, pleasant staff, very good and plentiful cocktail. Only downside the air conditioning broke, it was really too hot
Emilie pegard: Evjf organizes at your place. An unforgettable moment for our future groom and ourselves!!! Thank you for your professionalism, your listening, kindness... we will come back for other occasions. THANK YOU
Aurélie: Great welcome.. Bachelor party team
Laetitia Debarge: Great place to break out for a bachelor party. We loved it and made very welcome.
Stephanie Dournel: Top we had a blast!! Many choices of music, clean, we just wanted more microphone, 2 seems fair to me. We arrived 30 minutes late, we were still well received and gave us 15 minutes 🙂 we will be back!

4. Regional Center Des Arts Du Cirque - Lomme

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18 reviews
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Regional Center Des Arts Du Cirque
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Address: 16 Rue du Château d'Isenghien, 59160 Lille, France

Telephone: +33 3 20 08 26 26

Business type: Training centre

Regional Center Des Arts Du Cirque: what do users think?
Xavier Toubal: I happened to notice an artist juggling on my way to the market. Admiring this kind of discipline which requires, like so many others, rigor, perseverance and constant training, I decided to approach me and I had the immense pleasure of talking with Pablo, who a demonstration. He was very pleasant and was able to tell me about his passion and present the Regional Center for Circus Arts that I did not know. He even took the time to tell me where it was. I liked his accent which made it easy for him to make himself understood. I planned to go there, as he made me want to. See you soon.
Christian Amirault: Reception for members and professional training at the top, Accessible to people with disabilities.Quality shows in a heated marquee.
Pierre Boval: Very good time spent in the presence of Dimitri on the occasion of a birthday!Best wishes
accart Jean François: L'art et la manière !
Jean François TROUILLER: Superbe découverte
arthur mouquet: Super
michel burny: Très beau spectacle
Grégory GERARD: Un endroit génial qui dépayse.
Emilie Artigarrede: Juste parfait, le lieu,les cours,les profs...génial
Frédéric lemahieu: Critical:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Virginie MARINHO: Rien de tel pour apprendre les arts du cirque + de beaux spectacles
Vanessa Clockworkjova: Une semaine de stage pour mon fils de 5 ans au top

5. Keepcool Lille - Lille

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134 reviews
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Keepcool Lille
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Address: 417 Av. du Président Hoover, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 37 84 48

Business type: Sports club

Keepcool Lille: what do users think?
Sche: Excellent.🙃 🤩I am overwhelmed by the quality of performance of the outstanding coaches never seen before.I progressed at a speed🤗the whole team is great.Don't hesitate to take lessons with them.Since I'm a keep cool I feel in harmony with myself. A huge thank you to Chloé who boosts me every time thank you to you too Paul for your advice and a big thank you to ichem for your professionalism.
LISA BOCQUET: A big thank you to Chloé, for giving me back the niac to succeed and for helping me to surpass myself at each session!Finally a room where you will feel ready to achieve your goals!
Ambre Vandewalle: I never came I was inquiring about the available subscriptions I gave my rib just in case but I had a lot of health problems which meant that I was never able to come to try and register definitively but there I receive what a levy of 88.98€ the joke moreover I am harassed by email and by telephone saying that I have to pay 73€ but I answered them that I did not come they told me that he had the wrong person but there a levy without consent, without having signed anything, without going there…pfff anything I am disappointed even before going there. I do not recommend. I remind you that I was just asking for information on subscriptions!!!
SorbetCitron: ce qui est gênant pour écouter la nôtre avec des écouteurs, cela fait plusieurs fois que lorsque j'arrive le matin l'alarme est en train de sonner et personnes ne vient l'éteindre avant 9h donc soit je repars sans pouvoir faire ma séance soit je fais ma séance avec l'alarme et je repars avec le mal de tête.Je ne sais pas si l'objectif est de faire fuir les abonnés mais c'est en train de marcher.(Translated by Google
Antoine Cruz: I was able to use the room during a stay, it was clean and good.If I have to mention a point to improve it would be the accessibility of the machines because some are unavailable at the moment
jeanne CAULLIEZ: Super room with the necessary for a complete training and above all competent coaches who are always available to give good personalized advice!! It is nice to come and train there, I recommend!
Zouzou DEZ: .(Translated by Google
steven c.: -Le réparateur est venu après je rappelle environ 10 mois, mais non seulement il n'as réparer que 2 machines sur les 7/8 cassés, et pire que cela, il les a mal réparé.(sachant qu'il ne reviendras pas avant un bon bout de temps !
Tirou Tirou: This room was perfect until now, in fact, the equipment and the premises have deteriorated and have not been repaired. The press has been broken for over 8 months now. The room is dirty because little cleaning,Nevertheless, the staff are welcoming and friendly.
François Meteau: Registered for more than 2 1/2 years. I see the gym deteriorating: more and more machines breaking down without repair. For example, circuit training has not been operational since July 2020! Too bad because the teams are friendly despite the turnover
Marion Blejwas: Badly equipped room.NO REIMBURSEMENT OF REGISTRATION FEES despite compliance with the termination period. TO FLEE !!!!
Sadia Hamadi: Superb gym I like it very much it feels good We find all the necessary equipment there the schedules are super accessibleThe coaches at the reception are smiling available I recommend
Gregory todosantos: Club closed at 10:30 a.m. Door locked. No one answers the phone ! I had to distribute with the postman who also wanted to go home to drop off the mail!
Jackson Jr Mihidhar: Room at the top and clean and the coach Morgan is super welcoming.
Antonin Colas: Super gym level atmosphere and crowds it's great! You can train all the time, the schedules are super accessible and the presence of a coach at the reception is a plus for anyone who needs advice!
Nicolas DESTAN: Team at the top, I've been progressing since I've been there, great atmosphere and great motivation from the coaches ❤️
R R: L'hygiène précaire de cette salle est triste à voir, poussières, taches de transpiration, odeurs et j'en passe.Salle de sport clairement laissé à l'abandon par la direction, machines et lumières (néons) hors-service depuis des mois..Tout simplement honteux.
Anton Ferretjans: Super coach à l’écoute et compétent mais machines jamais réparées malgré plusieurs demandes. Plus de 8 mois d’attente pour certaines machines. Juste lamentable! Tout cela à cause d’une direction qui ne sait parler que de chiffres et considère les coachs comme des démarcheurs téléphoniques.Ça se ressent la salle se dégrade et pourtant j’ai beaucoup aimé cette salle mais voilà ce qui se passe quand une direction fait passer le chiffre avant le la qualité du service.
gaby liony: Une salle au top, des coachs à l’écoute et toujours là pour donner de bons conseils !
kenza kebane: salle bien équipée et équipe bienveillante.
NADIA BOUACHA: Les équipes sont au top , souriant et accueillant je vous recommande cette salle

6. The Cherry Dots - Kortrijk

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10 reviews
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The Cherry Dots
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Address: Passionistenlaan 1B, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium

Telephone: +32 495 42 14 22

Business type: Dance school

The Cherry Dots: what do users think?
Jasmijn S: Net een zalig Kabaresque weekend achter de rug met de internationale burlesque lerares Summer Oliday. The Cherry Dots is absoluut aan te raden als dansschool. Ronja en Bram zijn toppers!
Filip Carrein: It has been a pleasure to follow the Lindy Hop basics dance classes the last couple of months! Not only are we amazed at the level we achieved in this first course, when dancing the lindy hop at other dance events people are really looking in awe! Ronja and Bram are extraordinary teachers, they really know how to give personal constructive feedback that really helps and are amazing dancers. They know how to keep you entertained and energized throughout every class! We signed up for the follow-up Lifelong Lindy Hop classes and can't wait to get started! If you are in doubt to sign up, don't doubt and let yourself be surprised!
Sven Honore: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,ValueWonderfully relaxed dance school with professional and dedicated teachers. The Lindy Hop lessons that we follow have a good and feasible structure with an inspiring video after the lesson to continue working at home and to look forward to the next lesson. There are also regular free trial lessons. Hop in too!Sven and Pascale.
Sarah De Roeck: Met veel plezier worden we iedere week weer uitgedaagd om het beste van onszelf te geven. Ze staan steeds klaar om te helpen waardoor je snel vooruitgang boekt. hun enthousiasme en humor tijdens de lessen is zeer aanstekelijk! Een echte aanrader!
Laura Vleminckx: De Lindy hop lessen bij Cherry Dots zijn een echte aanrader! Het aanstekelijke enthousiasme van de leraars maakt je instant vrolijk en de danspassen worden op een duidelijke manier aangeleerd. Bemoedigende woorden zorgen ervoor dat je plezier hebt in het dansen, ook als het even wat minder goed lukt. De les vliegt zo voorbij!
José Vitor Corrêa: Great classes, great professors! With less than 5 classes me and my girlfriend could already Lindy Hop a bit!
Lore Gillis: Fan van The Cherry Dots! Zo'n energie die je krijgt na een dansles, daar kan weinig tegen op!
Maite Samyn: Ingeschreven voor een super toffe workshop Burlesque. Wat een geweldige ervaring in een gezellige sfeer! Bedankt dames
Elke Dag: Getting undressed will never be the same again! With a lot of punch and flair, Chrissie teaches you the art of taking your clothes off (don't worry , the full monty is reserved for the advanced classes) with style, playfulness, and loads of self-confidence. In other words: the Burlesque workshop offers a perfect, fun way to push some boundaries and overcome some thresholds.PS Don't forget to take lindy hop lessons as well!Kleren uittrekken zal nooit meer hetzelfde zijn! Met veel pit en bravoure leert Chrissie je de kunst van het ontkleden (geen paniek, zich volledig blootgeven is voorbehouden aan de reeks voor gevorderden) met stijl, speelsheid en vooral een pak zelfvertrouwen. Met andere woorden: de Burlesque workshop biedt de ideale gelegenheid om op een leuke manier grenzen te verleggen en drempels te overwinnen.PS Vergeet trouwens niet om je ook voor de lindy hop lessen in te schrijven!
Steffi Van Autreve: Great dance courses where you can be yourself and gain self confidence.The teachers are super enthusiastic, and that is very contagious!
Karel Moens: Their beginner lindy hop class was a great introduction. Good for couples as well as registering by yourself, as you'll get to meet and interact with a group of motivated, like minded individuals.The instructors invite you through their energy and guidance to not only become a better dancer in general, but also to take your first steps onto the social dancing scene. You'll be amazed at how quickly time flies, both in and out of class, discovering and experimenting with new moves while completely oblivious to all the calories you're burning.
hannelore Baeten: The burlesque lessons were amazing! I had a wonderful time. Real professional, sweet en fun teachers❤️
Asha Derumeaux: Great dance school, teaching everything swing with so much passion and enthusiasm.Also did a short Burlesque course there which was awesome!Very welcoming towards all ages and dance levels and a very encouraging teacher, Chrissie, who made us dare to feel sexy!Highly recommended it.
sara tremerie: An amazing dance school with very friendly teachers, lovely atmosfear💕
Elle Verbeke: Amazing class and excellent teachers!I really recommend!
William De Groeve: This is the best dance school in the world, the teachers are so awesome!

7. REPETTO - Lille

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76 reviews
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Address: 13- 15 Rue de la Grande Chaussée, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Closed

Telephone: +33 3 62 84 01 06

Business type: Dance store

8. Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains - Tourcoing

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61 reviews
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Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains
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Address: 22 Rue du Fresnoy, 59200 Tourcoing, France

Telephone: +33 3 20 28 38 00

Business type: Training centre

Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains: what do users think?
Ella Altman: Meilleur studio national des arts contemporains du monde
Philippe Lootens: Lieu multi culturel: expositions, cinéma,Animations diverses pour enfants et autres, ciné-club, etc... Le tout dans la convivialité et la simplicité. Un endroit a recommander.
Nadia Benabdellaziz: Super agréable endroit la deco l'ambianceles grands travaux de rénovation sont super...
Marion Knaepen: Super salle de cinéma. Très agréable pour une sortie scolaire. Manque juste un petit flyer des courts métrages proposés pour retravailler les films en classe.
J-F B.: Le Fresnoy accueille les amateurs de cinéma et/ou d'expositions. Celles-ci permettent de découvrir la qualité du travail des élèves ou anciens élèves, français et étrangers, du centre de formation. Une boutique et un espace de restauration s'offrent aussi aux visiteurs.
Galaxyplaydia TV: Cinéma peu coûteux dans l'enceinte du Fresnoy plutôt spacieux. Choix entre deux salles. Une grande et une plus petite il me semble. Un bar au sortir des 2 salles et un coin expo où l'on peut se balader pendant le festival Panorama... Donc plutôt sympa !
Vanessa Laniesse: A place that will enlighten you with its lights, its culture, its retrospectives. Simply by its warm place
Jacky Baert: It's not really for the place, I just broke down in front of it. So not very good memory 🤣🤣🤣
Catherine Thoraud: Beautiful scenography for panorama 23!
Mathilde: Très beau centre d'art contemporain et belle expo en ce moment.Gratuit le dimanche en plus !
Arlette Despretz: Salle de cinéma ( Renoir )spacieuse et confortable . .
Véronique Lenglet: Programmation art et essai dans des salles et un cadre de qualité
Logan Monteiro: They are thieves for 3 adults obligation to take a registration for barely what day in the village it is 20 € per person for the registration plus at each passage 2 € per person it is inadmissible 🖕😡🖕.
Fabien Chérif: Nice place to savor unforgettable moments with friends or family...
Erwan: Unbelievable ! It's really fascinating!
Alexis Snn: To reach the direction of the center, dial 17
Annie Nollet: I love this room a real pleasure
Hugo Pétigny: It's beautiful, impressive and innovative. Art lover? Go for it!
Yann Szwec: a restaurant and a cinema in a film school. 10 minutes walk from my apartment
izumo: Very nice place, an enriching experience. However, the welcome is not really warm or friendly.

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