Best Dog Boarding Kennels In Lille Near Me

De Falsenhoeve Les Compagnons des Saisons euro Joe Tom&Co Mouscron Canifrance Famiflora Jardiland Les Compagnons des Saisons Luxury Pets - Woefwinkel Dierenhof Debrabandere Salamander

1. De Falsenhoeve - Rollegem

路 10 reviews

Tombroekmolenstraat 26, 8510 Kortrijk, Belgium

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De Falsenhoeve: what do users think?
Joanna D P: Als je hier je hond afzet, kan je met een gerust hart vertrekken op reis. Bij Kathy zijn alle dieren thuis. Top!
Marie-H茅l猫ne Ferreira: Heel sympathique eigenaars
Marino Vanderbeken: Heel goede opvang voor je hond
Peter Nachtergaele: Heel mooi hondenhotel
jean-pierre Decat: Ok
Dirk Hocedez: A good dog kennel! !

2. Flatcoated Retriever Kennel Shining Stardancers - Deerlijk



路 4 reviews

Vredeplein 32, 8540 Deerlijk, Belgium

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3. Les Compagnons des Saisons - Sart-Babylone

路 3425 reviews

1 Rue Louis Constant, 59491 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

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Les Compagnons des Saisons: what do users think?
chtite claire: Nice store where you can find everything you need for gardening and nacs....
Pierre Debacker: Pleasant place to shop for our exterior. Rates often a little higher than with some competitors but compensated by the pleasure of the visit. There are also animals, which appeal to children.
Mimi Mimi: Pleasant and well stocked
corinne vanderz: beautiful magazine
Brigitte Demora: , dans un lieu tr猫s calme. Serveuse super Sympa ,Agr茅able, souriante. Merci beaucoup 鈾♀櫋(Translated by Google
Matthijs OOSTERHOUT: Choice, but sometimes a little expensive
Lina Merlo: Alright !Lots of choices and the staff is smiling and professional!
AUBES DUMOULIN: Very easy to access GD parking area with local products well supplied for gifts. Choice of outdoor plants however currently very limited but significant choice of indoor plants
farid chouraih: Nice veranda, good value for money
Mickael Koenig: Alright
mohamed bouaziz: Very pleasant and welcoming staff!Very good advice for my transport box for my cat. And the food section is just tops for discovering local specialties, small flats on some products the price seems a bit excessive to me. Hence the 4 stars, but I still recommend!
Steven Dale: A little more expensive than a classic garden center, but there are plenty of choices for all tastes.
Slimane ouali: I recommend very good clean store we find what you need nice person
Arnaud DEPLANQUE: Very good advice both on the phone, beforehand and on site.A wide choice, a very accessible location.In short, everything is OK in this store.
Lecocq Francis: and tips
claudine cardinael: The restaurant is great in Villeneuve d'Ascq
Auguste H茅l猫na: Caddy to be reviewed in terms of security but nothing to complain about for the rest!
eric kubi: Very good advice from the gardeners and the cashier.Damage however for out of stock on certain plants.
Dufort Valentin: We go there regularly to buy gift baskets or products for our animals, it's too beautiful but it's a little hot
Cathy Vantourout: Very nice store! Very well organized and pleasant! Impressive choice of plants of all kinds! Various categories of decorative objects, for children, games, perfumes, candles and animals... To visit absolutely if you are in the area!...
Infinity Ocean: A beautiful store, a zen atmosphere reigns there, I had a pleasant time there.

4. euro Joe - Moorslede

路 86 reviews

Kleine Ravestraat 3, 8890 Moorslede, Belgium

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5. Tom&Co Mouscron - Wattrelos

路 414 reviews

Av. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 14b, 7700 Mouscron, Belgium

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6. Canifrance - Croix

路 25 reviews

30 Rue du Gaz, 59170 Croix, France

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7. Famiflora - Mouscron

路 21989 reviews

Rue Jules Vantieghem 14, 7711 Mouscron, Belgium

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8. Jardiland - Marcq-en-Bar艙ul

路 1357 reviews

Rue du Cheval Blanc, 59700 Marcq-en-Bar艙ul, France

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9. Les Compagnons des Saisons - Wambrechies

路 3702 reviews

644 Rue de Bondues, 59118 Wambrechies, France

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10. Luxury Pets - Woefwinkel - Otegem

路 12 reviews

Diesveldstraat 46, 8553 Zwevegem, Belgium

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11. Dierenhof Debrabandere - Bavikhove

路 564 reviews

Kuurnsestraat 124, 8531 Harelbeke, Belgium

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12. Salamander - Lille

路 15 reviews

56 Rue Faidherbe, 59800 Lille, France

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