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Workshop Seynaeve Arts Nouveaux Art À Lille Atelier Terre et Feu Lille, Centre de formation artistique et professionnelle de Lille OphĂ©lie Glorieux The Seasons Art Class School Nord Atelier 2 Arts Terre'happy CĂ©line Duthilleul FrĂ©d Depienne Artist Peintre L'atelier Peinture SpontanĂ©e La Voix LactĂ©e Ecole BRASSART Lille Rougier&PlĂ© Lille

1. Workshop Seynaeve - Lille

· 7 reviews

27 Rue de Valmy, 59000 Lille, France

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Workshop Seynaeve: what do users think?
Pascale Willefert: What a pleasure to go to this painting workshop every week! you can paint or draw whatever you want! the teacher will always be near you to advise you, help you and teach you different techniquesthe workshop is pleasant; the relaxed and friendly atmosphereI don't know anything better about Lille!!!
Henry MOLINS: Beginner or not, want to paint figurative or abstract, you will find a Master who listens to you, who guides you, gives you valuable advice, does not impose anything and respects your choice. Always in an even mood, the lessons take place in a pleasant atmosphere. There are enough time slots, so even if you are still active you can find time to paint while relaxing. Faithful student of Arnaud, I recommend his lessons. Brigitte
Judith Aouizerat: If you want to learn to paint / draw etc or improve your skills, go for it! Arnaud is an excellent teacher. This workshop is the perfect place to unwind and let your imagination run wild.Every week I am excited about going to the workshop, and have been since 1999!
Camille Fruchaud: A great place to paint and learn to paint at your own pace, in your own way and in a good mood, with Arnaud's wise and personalized advice.
assia AA: Excellent workshop, Arnaud shows a lot of pedagogy, kindness. Very good atmosphere. Very notable progress in a few months. I highly recommend

2. Arts Nouveaux - Lille



· 84 reviews

23 Rue Jules Lefebvre, 59000 Lille, France

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3. Art À Lille - Lille

· 3 reviews

15 Rue de Seclin, 59000 Lille, France

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Art À Lille: what do users think?
Benoit BOUVIER FACINOU: , un espace de découverte qui favorise créativité et réflexion autour des différents ateliers proposés, je recommande vivement!(Translated by Google
Laure Wattelier: Art in Lille is a great art school where we find a very warm atmosphere! I strongly recommend the live models course, where we progress while having a great time! It's always a pleasure to go there.
VĂ©ronique Dalle: Quality education, friendliness, beautiful place
david lemarret: Veronique Dalle is unbearable. Proud, haughty, condescending. The art of an ancient society, reserved for an elite.
D'angelo Sophie: Atypical place with authentic charm, like a large family home.

4. Atelier Terre et Feu Lille, Centre de formation artistique et professionnelle de Lille - Lille

· 5 reviews

75 Av. du Peuple Belge, 59800 Lille, France

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Atelier Terre et Feu Lille, Centre de formation artistique et professionnelle de Lille: what do users think?
Isabelle Quervaux: Super cours de dessin Ă  Lille. Merci pour l'accueil et les conseils.
Thomas BELBENOIT: Cours conviviaux dans un cadre agréable

5. Ophélie Glorieux - Lille

· 7 reviews

15 Rue Dupleix, 59800 Lille, France

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Ophélie Glorieux: what do users think?
Association EnergETHIC: Thanks to OphĂ©lie for her support with us on the Regional Meetings of Citizen Renewable Energies. She understood very well the request, the needs. She adapted to the context and was proactive throughout the project. We are very satisfied with the result. We highly recommend her. 😊
Jbl Com & Cie: During the Human Day exhibition September 27, 2022, in Lille Grand Palais Ophélie designed the fresco of the employer brand. Very nice first dynamic and interactive collaboration. Thank you Ophelia Glorious
mimi musset: Delighted with this collaboration!!The idea was to develop a psychoeducation tool and in a meeting Ophélie understood the role of her drawings, as a facilitator of the patient's speech. His drawings hit the mark: they are sober but present a real sensitivity that opens the exchanges during the group.The collaboration was rich and the exchanges simple and easy, I do not hesitate to recommend Ophélie!!See you soon maybe for new adventures!!
Cathy Moucheron: Ophelia has it all figured out! I had the idea but when you can't hold a pencil
 not easy! Ophélie made the drawing I needed to illustrate my conference. This drawing says it all and not too much at the same time! I am delighted and I recommend Ophelie!
Emma Charlie: The seemingly simple lines of Oph's drawings are, I find, very powerful in their liveliness and expressiveness. His "characters" carry a life and an instant presence that resonates RIGHT. They offer me with each discovery, a beautiful moment of joy.
Alexandra Decock: It's a pleasure to submit a request for illustration to Ophélie, she immediately identified what I expected and it only took one draft with small adjustments to arrive at the very satisfactory end result of the two work she has done for me. The result is up to the kindness and attentive listening of Ophélie
cynthia Houdart: Thank you Ophélie for your adaptation, your availability and your great work. 20 medical drawings requiring a mastery of detail that you were able to provide me. I would recommend your services without hesitation. Looking forward to new projects for a new collaboration!
Charline Figoureux: . Pas de compréhension ni recherche de compréhension de la demande, relation client difficile, travail ne la recommande pas du tout.(Translated by Google

6. The Seasons Art Class - Marcq-en-BarƓul

· 3 reviews

68 Rue Jean Jaurùs, 59700 Marcq-en-BarƓul, France

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The Seasons Art Class: what do users think?
NaĂŻma: I advise you you would not be disappointed the lady is super welcoming is super nice
anthony grost: A learning method that allows you to very quickly succeed in creating original and personal works, all in a soothing and inspiring workshop. I highly recommend!

7. School Nord - Lille

· 1 reviews

23/25 Rue de Bergues, 59000 Lille, France

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School Nord: what do users think?
Ingrid Arnould: No

8. Atelier 2 Arts - Annappes

· 13 reviews

Ferme Saint Sauveur, Av. du Bois, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

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Atelier 2 Arts: what do users think?
Joël Cadet: Excellent child labor. Competent and pleasant facilitators
carine guilbert: Exhibitions always interesting.great welcome.possibility to meet the artists.bcq of humanity in this place
Ax Elle: (Translated by Google
jean pierre Maia: Positive:Professionalism,Quality
Martine Duterque: Exceptional qualityAtelier 2 didn't give up during the long months of health crisis by adapting to difficult conditions, maintaining the link, having artists in residence, hats off!
David PERRIN: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
BĂ©atrice Poupard: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality,Value
Jon Dekeer: Atelier trÚs pédagogique et c'est sympa de faire une oeuvre enfant + parent !
Nathanaël Gaumeton: Large choix de cours, on peut facilement y trouver ce qu'on cherche.
Maryse DEVICK: Une Ă©quipe professionnelle et Ă  l'Ă©coute de son public

9. Terre'happy CĂ©line Duthilleul - Ronchin

· 11 reviews

5 Rue MendĂšs France, 59790 Ronchin, France

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10. Fréd Depienne Artist Peintre "L'atelier 71" - Ronchin

· 2 reviews

17 Rue Notre Dame, 59790 Ronchin, France

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11. L'atelier Peinture Spontanée - Englos

· 9 reviews

6 allée du progrÚs AREA, 59320 Englos, France

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12. Les Pinceaux D'aquarelle - Annappes

· 2 reviews

Salle Javelot - Rue de la station - Sentier Beghin, 59650 Villeneuve-d'Ascq, France

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13. La Voix Lactée - Lille

· 28 reviews

81 Rue de Trévise, 59000 Lille, France

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14. Association Arts Pluriels - Bondues

3 Rue René d'Hespel, 59910 Bondues, France

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15. Ecole BRASSART Lille - Lille

· 3 reviews

1 bis Rue de Tenremonde, 59000 Lille, France

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16. Rougier&Plé Lille - Lille

· 499 reviews

80 Rue Pierre Mauroy, Centre Commercial Les Tanneurs, 59000 Lille, France

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17. Workshop D'aliette - Wambrechies

· 2 reviews

2865 Rue d'Ypres, 59118 Wambrechies, France

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18. Workshop Art2be - Bondues

Chem. des Coulons, 59700 Marcq-en-BarƓul, France

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