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Institut pour la photographie Bénédicte Deleplanque Photographe Lille Photolix Photographe Labo Argentique French Alliance De Lille - Course Of French Language Etrangère - French Ace A Foreign Language School Nord FNAC Lille MJM Graphic Design School of Journalism in Lille Frogix Studios FNAC Lille - Gare Lille-Flandres IESEG School Of Management

1. My Course Photo Stages Photo Lille - Lille

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15 Rue Bartholomé Masurel, 59800 Lille, France

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2. Institut pour la photographie - Lille



· 102 reviews

11 Rue de Thionville, 59000 Lille, France

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Institut pour la photographie: what do users think?
pedreira joaquim: Beautiful area,
elisa cal: What place ! I personally had a great afternoon. I was literally blown away by this place. The people there are absolutely adorable. One word: come! Come ! You will not regret it.
Florence Dupuis: Very nice unusual place. Nice exhibits.
Vin Hil: Atypical and labyrinthine place where you have to get lost to enjoy the photo exhibitions of the moment. The small welcoming bar and DJ spot set at the back really top. And the team, a Dream team as we don't see much anymore! Not to be missed!!!
Valentin Wallet: It's free, we learn a little more about photography and the welcome is great.
barbara Lilin: What a pleasure to find this place full of charm where you are superbly welcomed by an enthusiastic team! The library is amazing with a very rich background. It is also accessible at the beginning of the week by reservation. I loved the projection of the photos of Harry Gruyaert: North, a sense of place. I watched it three times and I never get tired of it! The children's playroom is very nice and of course, as always, the exhibitions are of high quality.I love this place, even before work! I find it both unusual, improbable, a mixture of grandeur, parquet floors, fireplaces, large mirrors, and dross from its school past. I also like the cafe and the viewpoints outside.A must see before closing for works.
Olivier Pichard: A high quality institute inviting talented artists. A real chance to have that in Lille. Not to be missed if you are interested in graphic arts
Thomas Hammoudi: The bookstore is great!
Azur: Free entry, good place for photography exhibition, there's a nice little library as well.
Patricia Leroy: Bravo for the exhibitions, the central place, can't wait for the reopening!
Alain Baume: Superbe lieu dédié à la photographie
Ben L.: Magnifique expo et scenographie et le lieux est au top pour la photo du nord et au-delà
Maud Barbier: Lieu très agréable avec un parcours bien indiqué, entrée gratuite et fermeture le 5 décembre 2021. Je vous recommande ce lieu sur Lille pour découvrir des photographes variés.
Raoulette: Visite guidée très adaptée pour les enfants.
Jean Lempereur: Un bel endroit, de la photo accessible...mais pas que !
Léa Wojtkowiak: Des expos toujours enrichissantes, des événements toujours sympas, et surtout une équipe investie et avec le sourire !Définitivement à ajouter sur votre liste si vous visitez Lille un week-end (situation au top également)
Marie Morey: Very large place, which has many exhibition rooms. It is an old school and it is still palpable. The exhibitions are qualitative but sometimes a little sharp.
Charles Marx: We loved the exhibitions of photographs by Bettina Rheims and Agnès Varda among others...the place is really interesting, the scenography of quality.Of lesser quality the politeness of the two guards whose presence remains enigmatic and inappropriate in such a place....
Geoffroy Franconville: Beautiful exhibition... a great discovery
Fabrice Penot: Peaceful place, several spaces.Great discoveries
Nadine Nougarede: Enhancement of an old school with very varied and very well documented exhibitions

3. Bénédicte Deleplanque Photographe Lille - Lille

· 21 reviews

15 Bd Bigo Danel, 59000 Lille, France

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Bénédicte Deleplanque Photographe Lille: what do users think?
Laetitia Mulliez: Working with Bénédicte is a real treat. As a recent business creator, I needed her to highlight my new universe. She was able, thanks to her professionalism, her know-how and her spontaneity, to put me in confidence and reveal my personal and professional assets.Thank you #bénédictedeleplanque for taking the time, which differentiates you from others, so that the photos are revealing of my image and that of the company..... And without editing.
Bruno ACKOU: I recommend Benedicte to take the photo that corresponds exactly to who you areHer approach, her enthusiasm and her professionalism can really qualify her as a photographer of esteem.It is very rare to encounter this type of profileTo try urgently without moderationBruno ACKOU
Pierre Edouard RICHOU: Thanks to Bénédicte for her professionalism.Focuses first on the desired objective then many shots from different angles with different lighting in different postures on different backgrounds.Selection and choice of the best photos.A real support.I recommend to business leaders who want to highlight the human character of their company, their know-how, group cohesion, gestures, attitudes, ...
Caroline SAUVAGE: Bénédicte écoute avec bienveillance et respect, met à l'aise, sait faire ressortir le meilleur de nous-même et nous faire regarder tel que nous devons être !C'est fou l'impact qu'une photo peut avoir quand nous nous regardons de l'autre côté du miroir, alors que l'image de nous même est tout autre...Un "exercice" à faire dans son chemin de vie pour prendre conscience de son moi intérieur, du chemin parcouru, de ses valeurs...Graver dans un cliché cet instant présent afin de se souvenir toujours de qui l'on est lorsque l'on posera le regard sur cette photo."... du bois sec, je fais fleurir les roses."Merci Bénédicte.(Translated by Google
rené Casimir: It's all about the professional and powerful look, it pickles and it's good, the result speaks for itself, dazzling
Louise Ballereau: Bénédicte photographed me for my business and my website.I was looking to think outside the box, and bring out my personality through my professional photos: challenge met hands down!I would not hesitate to call on this talented photographer again for my future professional and personal projects.Thanks again Ben!
Vincent Grosbois: I followed the "photo portrait to go towards oneself" workshop led by Bénédicte Deleplanque last July and am very happy with this experience.I really appreciated Bénédicte's double skill, which combines real coaching skills and a real talent as a photographer. This alliance allows him to offer a unique workshop allowing to go towards oneself and to release a representation of the inner truth of each one in the form of portraits.This approach is rare and precious: it allows you to go beyond the simple concepts or ideas that you have of yourself thanks to photography, tangible testimony allowing you to touch with your finger - or rather with your eyes - what is best in all of us.The natural kindness of Bénédicte facilitates the materialization of this meeting.I therefore unreservedly recommend this workshop, which is a revealing and beneficial journey!
acqfamily: Beautiful photographic experience!Bénédicte Deleplanque seeks to put her model in the light and restore her authenticity through her lens... Photo and coach, great complementarity!
Marina Barreau: Bénédicte is talented at capturing the beauty and the right expression of each of us in a few moments. Thank you for the magnificent photo that I look at with great joy; this is for sure the most beautiful picture of me in a long time
Karine Quinta: sans m'en rendre compte ;-
Geneviève BL: I had the privilege of participating in Bénédicte's internship. Much more than a photographer, she knows how to make us walk together with kindness, intelligence, efficiency and respect. These few hours of "work" are a precious moment, a real revealer. Thank you Benedict
Isabelle Corbasson: This is a workshop that feels good! I really liked the progression and the exchange with the other trainees, and the effectiveness of Benedicte's coaching in teaching us how to make pretty portraits and see ourselves more beautiful!
Christelle BONNEVAL: A big thank you Bénédicte for your beautiful photos and your poetic photo-praises! You were able to put at ease in front of your goal and I am touched by the result!Glad to have come this far with you and thanks to you!
Stéphanie Hennion: If you want to discover your true face, your beautiful nature, do not hesitate to ask for Bénédicte's services, you will have good times too. A person who takes care of you on the way to your own metamorphosis. A unique photographic experience!
Tom Coss - Le Magicien: I had the opportunity to work with Bénédicte Deleplanque during a photo shoot in Lille to redo a professional portrait, in particular to illustrate the communication media of my company.The experience was more than rewarding and I can only recommend the Lumières d’Entre Prize photographer!
Sophie Piquemal: Béné's photos speak for themselves 😊 she's a real photography pro, and she helps you discover and show the best of yourself.
Foulhioux Sylvain: I recommend this photographer who will highlight you.Very professional.
Jean-Louis Bondroit: A big THANK YOU to Bénédicte, who succeeded very naturally in creating a relaxation and also a beautiful complicity. Surprising, unexpected and more than positive result. When are we putting it back?? Jean Louis
david gerardin: Excellent process to discover yourself through photography.A good experience that reveals the interior and the facets.A pleasure to work with someone passionate.
Gautran D: Quality work & listening to the customer! Great time spent with a smiling person who is passionate about his work. I highly recommend ! 😁
Philippe Cotelle: Quel talent !

4. Photolix Photographe Labo Argentique - Lille

· 295 reviews

8 Rue d'Inkermann, 59000 Lille, France

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Photolix Photographe Labo Argentique: what do users think?
Leonie Hissink: Finally successful passport photos
baljeet singh gujral: A nice photo shop…..very friendly staff…..they really know their work……I went in to take Photographs for my passport…..the girl working understood and guided us what to do next….took photo and it was delivered in one minute time……keep it up guys…..🙌🙌🙌
Léa Hertault: Super nice place where you are sure to leave with good advice and good quality equipment!
Matthieu Clay: Quality services, quality photos 👌
B Bertrand: I recommended to my son to take ID photos at a professional rather than in a photo booth. Result: photos refused by the system because they were very poorly exposed. As a result, a passport that will not be obtained in due time because this "photographer" is doing less well than a common shopping mall machine. Unacceptable and shameful!In response to your message:Are you surprised? And I therefore! Get closer to the town hall of Roubaix, because it was their system that detected today that the photograph was not compliant. There is therefore a problem of conformity and quality. As indicated, we have just lost an appointment and the consequences are therefore heavy considering the delays in obtaining a slot. So for our problem there is nothing more you can do. For future customers, you can approach official services and rework the calibrations of your software or your staff. But obviously there is an overexposure concern for compliance for official papers. Given the consequences, we will no longer come to your store, that's obvious. Since the reasons for refusal by the administration surprise you, we do not advise anyone to take the risk of taking this type of photo at your home.
hakem nassim: Very professional
Leïla (Leïla Vannier): Nous reviendrons évidemment très bientôt pour les développer !Actualisation : je suis donc revenue pour développer ma pellicule noir et blanche. J’ai payé quasiment 25€ pour que les photos arrivent en 3 semaines. Malgré les 36 photos de la pellicule, je n’en ai reçu que 17…. Vu qu’on paie avant c’était déjà trop tard. J’ai testé depuis trois autres photographes à Lille et à Nantes qui sont moins chers (toujours moins de 15€
Céline DESGOUILLONS: Très pro et sympa 👌
Hugo Poidevin: Une équipe au top et une multitude de services proposés.
Lucille Parent: Personnel très agréable et de bon conseil
Heiwa: Good welcome, the staff is pleasant and always has good advice, the quality of the photos is good...I recommend!
Leeloo Oosthuyse: Always very satisfied with my experience at L'atelier Photolix/Papier Filtre.Prod made as soon as possible, and always good advice. Thank you to the team, and in particular to Anaïs who welcomes me every time and takes the time to advise me / suggest the available offers for photo prints according to my needs.
Alain Gérardi: Pleasant welcome, wise advice, great professionalism
Romane Brossard: A warm welcome, very good advice, rapid and qualitative development, I recommend!
Sem Cham: . D'ailleurs la numérisation de mes pellicules était souvent négligée: oubli régulier de la numérisation de TOUTE la pellicule (il manquait à chaque fois 4 ou 6 photos
Christelle C: commande en ligne de 2 pellicules! envoi très rapide avec, en bonus, un petit cadeau :) Merci!
Florian Guisti: Je vais toujours là pour mes photos d'identité
Clément Brizemur: Bien à l'écoute, rapide et sans problèmes :)
Dominique Desnos: Très sympathique et De très bon conseils !
David Deliancourt: Photo correcte
Chloé G: Expérience parfaite. Personnel à l'écoute et de bons conseils, je recommande.

5. French Alliance De Lille - Course Of French Language Etrangère - French Ace A Foreign Language - Lille

· 46 reviews

2 Rue Bernos, 59800 Lille, France

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French Alliance De Lille - Course Of French Language Etrangère - French Ace A Foreign Language: what do users think?
ELA CHIS SZABO: Je vous en remercie pour votre support et encouragement de suivre les cours de française.Grace aux cours (du Février au Juin 2023) de l'Alliance Française de Lille j'ai obtenu la diplôme DELF B2 auquel au début d'année je n'osé rêvé même pas.J'ai encore beaucoup chose a apprendre, j'aimerai bien recommencer le mois de Septembre mais pour le moment c est n est pas possible de mon coté.Les sortis proposé pour chaque vendredi et le BLABLA Café sont des activités extraordinaires proposé par AF, comme ca nous arrivons a connaitre mieux l endroit ou on habite, la culture et les coutumes. J apprécié la chaleur, l ouverture et la flexibilité de l équipe de l'AF.C était une belle expérience d'être au sein de l'AF et une belle ouverture vers autre chemine.Grand merci a vous et a votre organisation!ROU.Datorită cursurilor (din februarie până în iunie 2023) de la Alliance Française de Lille, am obținut diploma DELF B2, la care la începutul anului nici nu îndrăzneam să visez.Ieșirile oferite in fiecare saptamana, vineri și atelierele BLABLA CAFE sunt activități extraordinare oferite de AF, cu ele reusim să cunoaștem mai bine locul în care trăim, cultura și obiceiurile. Am apreciat căldura, deschiderea și flexibilitatea echipei AF.A fost o experiență grozavă să fii în AF și o mare deschidere către o altă cale.Multumesc mult intregii echipe! Va recomand sa evoluati in lb franceza impreuna cu ei!Mihaela C.
Magdalena Wojtyna: In English and Polish below:I recommend Alliance Française De Lille. I enrolled in the course in October. Before coming to class, I had trouble forming a sentence. And now I'm at B1 level and I'm able to have simple conversations in French 😁 The teachers lead the lessons in an interesting way. They often make games, so we learn by playing. And the atmosphere is very nice.I recommend Alliance Française De Lille. I signed up for the course in October. Before coming to the course, I had trouble forming a sentence. And now I'm on level B1 and I'm able to have simple conversations in French. Teachers conduct classes in an interesting way. They do games often, so we learn through play. And the atmosphere is very nice.Polecam Alliance Francaise de Lille. Zapisałam się na kurs w październiku. Przed przyjściem na kurs miałam problemy ze złożeniem zadania. A teraz jestem na poziomie B1 i jestem w stanie prowadzić proste rozmowy po francusku. Nauczyciele prowadzą zajęcia w ciekawy sposób, często są to gry, więc uczymy się poprzez zabawę. I atmosphere is bardzo miła.
Effrosyni Plakia: I highly recommend alliance français de Lille for learning the language.The professors are very professional and the administration very helpful.
Katarzyna Gardias: Jest to nowa przygoda z jezykiem francuskim, którego można się uczyć i nauczyć...zawsze krok do przodu!C'est une nouvelle aventure en français que vous pouvez apprendre et étudier ... avec toujours une longueur d'avance !
Sandra Asandra: I am very satisfied with my studies at the Alliance française de Lille. The teachers are very competent. I have learned so much in just one year. Aš labai patenkinta su mokslais su Alliance française de Lille. Mokytojai labai kompetetingi. Aš labai daug išmokau tik per vienus metus.
Viviane Bastos: , mais aussi pour ma intégration personnelle et professionnelle.Recomendo muito a Aliança Francesa de Lille! Eu cheguei na França com um nivel A1. Meus estudos na AF Lille me ajudaram nao somente a melhorar meu frances (agora tenho um nivel B1/B2!!
Cristiano Muller: Great place to learn French.Teachers and support team are amazing!
Bruna Landeira: In Alliance française I noticed that I improved very fast. The methodology make you learn a lot, but you don’t fell overwhelmed because it’s a natural way to learn the language. The teachers are very kind and the class has few members so you have a lot of opportunities to speak during the class. They also propose some fun activities, as visiting the city or cooking class. I strongly recommend it.
Candy Luzby Reyes: La mejor escuela para aprender inglés in Lille.Profesores muy profesionales, amables y con diversas actividades de enseñanza.Las cultural visits are one more to conocer the city, the cultura y convivir con los compañeros.En la Alianza francesa he hecho buenas amistades y me siento en confianza para practicar el idioma.The recommendation al 100%.The best school to learn French in Lille.Very professional and friendly teachers, with various educational activities.Cultural visits are a plus for discovering the city and French culture.At the Alliance Française I feel confident to practice the language.I recommend it
Russ CC: 整体来讲我在第一个session的学习中感受到了长足的进步。整体的教学围绕实际生活场景,锻炼表达能力,和在法国实际生活贴合的很紧密。如果时间允许,我应该会继续学下去。
Caren Graham: I am currently a student at Alliance Française de Lille for beginning French (A1, A2). I am very impressed with the school. The instructors are experienced, patient and encouraging. The administration is professional, organized and involved. It is fun learning French with students from all over the world. I highly recommend Alliance Française de Lille.
Charese B.: I highly recommend Alliance Française de Lille for many things! The staff have always been truly welcoming and friendly ever since I signed up in September 2022. It's a very good school, I would even say the best in Lille to take French classes where I progressed a lot with my French, also thanks to the professors who are super nice, encouraging and patient. I've made many friends because of this school so I am absolutely happy with my experience! Thank you, Alliance!
Raquel Braga: Je recommande l'Alliance Française de Lille. L'école est extrêmement accueillante, le personnel administratif est très à l'écoute. Les professeurs sont excellents. Les cours sont dynamiques. L'école est bien située, à proximité d'une station de métro. Je n'ai que des éloges à faire.En plus de l'enseignement en classe, l'Alliance française de Lille promeut les activités culturelles dans la région, comme les pique-niques, le cinéma, les visites aux musées, le cours de cuisine, l’atelier de poterie, etc.). Vous apprenez le français, découvrez la ville et la culture française et vous vous liez même d'amitié avec des personnes venant de différents pays. C'est vraiment enrichissant.Quel que soit votre niveau de français, étudier à l'Alliance Française de Lille est un bon choix...........................................................................................Eu recomento a Aliança Francesa em Lille. A escola é extremamente acolhedora A equipe administrativa é muito atenciosa. Os professores são excelentes. As aulas são dinâmicas. A escola tem uma boa localização, próxima a uma estação de metrô. Só tenho elogios a fazer.Além do ensino em sala de aula, a Aliança Francesa de Lille promove atividades culturais na região (como piquenique, cinema, visitas à museus, aula de culinária, curso de cerâmica, etc.). Você aprende o francês, conhece a cidade, vivencia a cultura francesa e ainda faz amizade com pessoas que veem de diversos países. É verdadeiramente enriquecedor.Não importa seu nível de francês, estudar na Aliança Francesa de Lille é uma boa escolha.
Leticia Joaquim: Em fevereiro de 2022 comecei meu curso de na Alliance française de lille. Foi a melhor escolha, pois além de ser uma escolar muito boa com professores dinamicos, eu tive a oportunidade de fazer muitas amizades com pessoas de diferentes culturas, foi um ano incrivel para mim. Obrigada Alliance Française de lille por me proporcionar bons momentos!
Minami Umehara: Close to Lille, accessible by metro, this school offers a very well adapted course rhythm; 3 times a week of group classes may not seem like a lot, but it's both intense while leaving time for work or additional activities.I have attended other language schools and I would like to say that this one really stands out both on the technical side of teaching and in terms of teaching materials. In addition, the way in which the group lessons are run really allows you to learn from each other. The teachers are really very professional and passionate about explaining until we all understand.In addition to lessons, free weekly activities are offered to create even more relationships and more opportunities to practice French!The classes are very well suited to people who do not know French. If like me you are starting from scratch, I highly recommend you: you will quickly feel at ease!
Lena Deckert: Personally, I can recommend the Alliance Française as a French school. The lessons are very structured and thanks to the use of different materials and strategies they always remain interesting. I participated for 7 weeks in the C1 course and me and my host family noticed a great improvement in my knowledge of French and particularly my expression. Before, I was in another language school in Lille and even though we had more lessons per week, my host family thinks that the progress I made at the Alliance Française was more.Next to the aspect of education, living together in this language school is better than in others and you feel welcome. Not just between students, but also with teachers and the office. Everyone is very nice and tries everything to help you or find a solution to problems.Personally, I highly recommend this language school due to their kind staff and the welcoming atmosphere. I participated in the C1 level for 7 weeks and couldn't say a word of dislike. The lessons always had a good structure and due to the use of different materials like textbook, videos and audio tracks, as well as different pedagogic strategies, often included games who really helped by understanding the grammar, they were never boring or without any value. I stayed in France as au pair and therefor not only have I noticed the huge progress I made during my time at the alliance française, but also my french host family. The mentioned particularly that the lessons have helped me to sound really french in the aspect of the choice of words and french expressions.Another aspect which pleased me a lot is, the already mentioned, friendly staff. Not only the teachers who are very kind and willing to enter a personal relationship with their class, but also the "management team". If you have a problem or a question everybody is more than pleased to help you and to find the best possible solution.Ich persönlich kann die Alliance française mit besten Gewissen an alle weiterempfehlen, die in Lille auf der Suche nach einer Sprachschule sind. Ich war 7 Wochen im Kurs C1 und war komplett zufrieden. Der Unterricht ist sinnvoll aufgebaut und durch den Einsatz verschiedener Materialien, sowie Lehrmethoden bleibt er auch bei grammatischen Themen anschaulich und spannend. In meinem Kurs kamen auch viele Spiele zum Einsatz, die v.a. geholfen haben die Grammatik zu festigen.Neben dem Unterricht waren auch die Menschen ein ausschlaggebender Punkt dafür, dass ich mich wohlgefühlt habe. Sowohl das Miteinander unter den Schülern, als auch mit den Lehrern und den Verwaltungsmitarbeiter ist harmonisch und man hilft sich wo man kann. Die Lehrer gehen auch wirklich auf die Schüler ein und es wird dadurch eine angenehme Atmosphäre kreiert.
Arta Reinfelde: I joined Alliance Francaise in April. Joining the school was fairly simple - test and conversation over the phone. It helped to allocate the right level for me, where I could then progress accordingly. I progressed from level B1 to level B2 in three months. Big thanks to the teachers who were helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable. Everyone was so helpful and explained everything. The atmosphere in the class was always free and it felt like we were just a group of friends. We were encouraged to speak in French and even during the breaks we continued to do so. It really helped to improve my ability to speak in French. This was the aspect that I struggled with the most as I was worried about the pronunciation. There is also a BlaBla cafe - a free one-hour class with a professor where you practice speaking with other students who are at the same level as you. It helped me to feel confident when speaking in French. Even my boyfriend's parents have complimented me saying that I speak better in French. I am very satisfied with the school and how I have progressed. If there is a need to continue my studies - I will definitely return to Alliance!Je me suis inscrite l'Alliance française en avril. Rejoindre l'école était assez simple - test et conversation au téléphone. Cela m'a aidé à m'attribuer le bon niveau, où j'ai pu ensuite progresser en conséquence. Je suis passé du niveau B1 au niveau B2 en trois mois. Un grand merci aux enseignants qui ont été solidaires et compétents. L'atmosphère dans la classe était toujours detendu et on avait l'impression d'être juste un groupe d'amis. Nous avons été encouragés à parler en français et même pendant les pauses, nous avons continué à le faire. Cela m'a vraiment aidé à améliorer ma capacité à parler en français. C'est l'aspect avec lequel j'ai le plus lutté car je m'inquiétais de la prononciation. Il y a aussi BlaBla café - un cours gratuit d'une heure avec un professeur où nous nous entraînons à parler avec d'autres étudiants qui sont au même niveau que nous. Grâce à cela je me sens plus en confiance lorsque je parle en français. Même les parents de mon copain m'ont complimenté en disant que je parle mieux en français. Je suis très satisfaite de l'école et de la façon dont j'ai progressé. S'il est nécessaire de poursuivre mes études, je reviendrai certainement à Alliance !Es sāku mācības Alliance Francaise šī gada aprīlī. Iestāšanās skolā bija vienkārša - tests un telefona zvans. Tas palīdzēja noteikt pareizo valodas līmeni, lai varētu progresēt kopā ar pārējiem. Trīs mēnešu laikā es spēju progresēt no B1 līmeņa uz B2 līmeni. Liels paldies skolotājām, kuras bija ļoti atsaucīgas, izpalīdzīgas un zinošas. Klasē valdīja brīva atmosfēra un kopības sajūta. Katram bija iespēja izpausties un runāt franciski. Arī pārtaukumu laikā mēs runājām franciski, kas palīdzēja uzlabot runāšanas līmeni. Tieši šis elements man bija tas svarīgākais - pašpārliecinātība runāt franciski, jo baidījos par izrunu. Palīdzēja arī BlaBla cafe - katru nedēļu tu par velti vari pievienoties grupai, kur praktizējās runāt franciski profesora pavadībā. Šobrīd es droši runāju franciski, pat ja pieļauju kādu kļūdu. Drauga vecāki pat slavēja un taica, ka esmu progresējusi gan izrunā gan vārdu krājumā. Esmu ļoti apmierināta ar skolu un ja būs nepieciešamība turpināt franču valodas kursus - noteikti atgriezīšos!
Natalia Sosnina: Занималась на уровне А2 1,5 месяца в группе. Все очень понравилось. Было много теории, а также игр и общения. Преподаватель Ванесса большой профессионал своего дела: помогает, мотивирует; спокойная и очень позитивная. Не было ощущения потраченного зря времени (что часто бывает при таких занятиях). Каждая минута окупилась. Занятия стоят потраченных денег. Рекомендую 100%.
Claire Siegrist: I highly recommend the Alliance Française de Lille for your French studies. The teachers are very passionate and educated. Reasonable price, practical planning and very clear communication from the administration. In addition, it is a good opportunity to meet other foreigners in Lille!
Hyewon Kim: I recommend this school, not only for the DELF exam, but also if you want to converse in French. I liked studying and there are classes for speaking, listening and writing. Every Friday there is a French cultural experience and it is great fun. Lastly, all the staff are friendly!
김혜원: 델프 시험 뿐만 아니라, 프랑스에서 생활하며 프랑스어로 대화하고 싶다면, 무조건 이곳을 추천합니다. 인삿말, 단어 조금 아는 수준이었는데, 말하기 듣기 읽기 쓰기 모든 것을 균형있게 가르쳐 주셔서 즐겁게 공부할 수 있었습니다!혼자 책으로 공부할 때는 너무 재미가 없었고, 듀오링고 등을 이용해도 듣기, 말하기는 불가능할 것만 같았는데, 가능하더라고요. 특히 영어, 스페인어, 심지어는 약간의 한국어도 가능한 선생님들이, 개개인의 부족한 점을 잘 이해하고 맞춤형 수업을 해주셨어요. 한국인들은 입 주변 근육을 거의 움직이지 않고 말하는 편인 것 같은데, 매번 혀의 위치 입 모양 등을 설명해주시며 발음 교정을 해주시는 선생님 덕분에 많은 도움이 되었습니다!즐겁게 실용적인 것들을 배우며, 동시에 델프에서 좋은 성적도 받고 싶다면 무조건 추천입니당...😊

6. School Nord - Lille

· 1 reviews

23/25 Rue de Bergues, 59000 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp
School Nord: what do users think?
Ingrid Arnould: Nul

7. FNAC Lille - Lille

· 7796 reviews

20 Rue Saint-Nicolas, 59000 Lille

Address Website WhatsApp
FNAC Lille: what do users think?
Mouss Tom: Following a reimbursement not made by Fnac Flers-en-Escrebieux due to the closure despite several attempts to call for reimbursement, a very competent after-sales service lady from fnac Lille was able to contact them for my reimbursement. She worked a miracle. there thank you very much I recommend the super competent after-sales service compared to that of Flers-en-Escrebieux I understand better why they closed it
Bertrand MARCHAND: If you don't need any advice and in the event of a problem, someone can bring you a solution, you've come to the right place.... Everyone doesn't care about the customer, Amazon has a bright future ahead of it
Sephie: A lot of choice and a nice store in general.
Sylviane cathy Legry: Hello I like this store
Boris CHOTEAU: Alright
Olivier Desmulier: Always perfect. Top team and wide choice.
Guillaume Dessaint: Very attentive sellers, pleasant store, which hasn't changed much in more than 30 years... Just annoying not to pick up with the phone...
Alexandre yoyo: .Puis la dame à la billetterie me demande de mentir sur ma situation pour le contrat de paiement en 3 fois avec leur partenaire.Je fais mon achat sur le site avec livraison express, le lendemain le livreur se présente devant chez moi, puis repart sans sonner. Au téléphone, Chronopost m'indique qu'ils ont reçu une demande de retour de la part de la Fnac sans motif.Au téléphone, le conseiller de la Fnac SAV constate et ne sait pas quoi me dire et bégaye, et me dit que le mieux qu'il puisse faire c'est renvoyer l'article la semaine suivante le temps de faire remonter l'info !0 geste commercial. Expérience client néant. La Fnac ne tient pas la route, c'est clairement la honte du e-commerce Français, et peut être même bientôt du commerce en boutique aussi. Pour les livres il y a les Furets, pour le reste Boulanger.Commandez chez Amazon vous aurez un vrai service et largement plus de sérieux.(Translated by Google
Arnaud Delé: I do not recommend the repair corner for scooters and electric bikes because the person who takes care of it is not competent enough in certain areas. Plus the fact that the return from break is at 3 p.m., which is a problem for people who have their work breaks that end before 3 p.m. Of course as for the rest of the store it is very good.
Francis Leger: Choice and advice, very professional sellers
Lio Bout: Lack of clarity, difficult to find the article
Mélissa Bouchamia: One star because you can't put 0!!!!! I waited 47 minutes before they deigned to inform me yet all the people arriving after me we would run to come and inform them so who was not even making a purchase he only inquired, I made the purchase of a iPhone over 1000 euros and I had to wait before being considered! Thank you to the telephone department advisor for taking care of me very nice, luckily he was there to save the furniture
Sara Zamora: Lugar agradable
Elodise Paradise: Super grand on trouve énormément de livres et tous genre. Vendeuse au top
Christine SERY: Super
Christophe Carpentier: J adore ce magasin, la je trouve beaucoup de dvd ce qu il devient très rare dans autres enseignes.
Konix gaming: Service très efficace!! Ayant rencontré un problème sur un produit lors de l'ouverture le vendeur s'est excusé et le produit a été remboursé en quelques minutes.Les vendeurs connaissent les produits qu'ils vendent, savent parfaitement conseiller et une grande partie des produits comme les enceintes peuvent être testés facilement, top!
Valerie Charpin: Personnel au top
Lisa Pierre: Que ça fait du bien de trouver des passionnés dans les rayons de la Fnac!! Je démarre par une BD enfant un peu spéciale et je finis par demander des conseils pour toute la famille. Merci Cédric !!
Jean Paul Lagache: Un bouillon de culture et de chalands ambiance détendue, personnel avenant, nous aide ou nous conseille dans les recherches.C'est toujours un plaisir d'y passer !!
Ectolien: Grand magasin propre, très bien achalandé. Grandes propositions de Funko Pop et autres goodies.

8. MJM Graphic Design - Lille

· 14 reviews

41 Rue d'Amiens, 59000 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

9. School of Journalism in Lille - Lille

· 28 reviews

50 Rue Gauthier de Châtillon, 59046 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

10. Wall Street English - Lille

· 53 reviews

Centre Commercial Euralille, 59777 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

11. Frogix Studios - Seclin

· 8 reviews

30 Rue Denis Papin, 59113 Seclin, France

Address Website

12. FNAC Lille - Gare Lille-Flandres - Lille

· 62 reviews

Gare SNCF Lille Flandres Place des Buisses, 59000 Lille, France

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13. IESEG School Of Management - Lille

· 82 reviews

3 Rue de la Digue, 59000 Lille, France

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