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1. Aggreko France - Marquette-lez-Lille

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Address: 17 Av. Industrielle, 59520 Marquette-lez-Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: +33 825 00 80 07

Business type: Equipment rental agency

Aggreko France: what do users think?
Goupille Bleu: Group very clean quality material

2. LOXAM Power Lille - Avelin

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LOXAM Power Lille
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Address: Rue des Marlières ZI Les Marlières, 59710 Avelin, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 87 00 77

Business type: Equipment rental agency

3. Europcar - Lille

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Address: Gare Lille Europe, Bd de Turin, 59777 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 06 01 46

Business type: Car rental agency

Europcar: what do users think?
Tristyn Martens: BEWARE!!! SCAM!!! My partner and I travelled to Lille Airport Europcar specifically for a Fiat 500 which I paid in full for and was not there when we arrived at fault of the dealer - we were forced to either pay €50 Euro to cancel our booking, which would have left us stranded at Lille airport or pay an additional €280 to hire a vehicle 2 classes above what I booked… I called customer service who assured me that I would get a refund for the amount, I just had to pay and wait.2 weeks later, I received an email saying that because I willing paid for the upgrade therefore I am not eligible for a refund. I will be taking this further as I have a recording. BOOKER BEWARE!!Edit: *I can’t reply to the below reply - I have recordings of both your staff at the desk and over the phone saying europcar was at fault and I would be refunded. I have emailed you and not heard back. It’s pretty easy to do a refund - not sure why I need to email you AGAIN.
Laurent ReureEkium: Very friendly welcome. Good exchange. Downgrade this time. GOOD. Good choice
sahrina chl: Excellent experience, never disappointed with your services! Investment listening, availability and with just top friendliness. Thanks to Ludwig and Monique and the whole team! Change nothing you are topissimo 😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏
Stéphane PAUX: Agency in the Lille Europe station
S3 NWO: A team at the top!
Nathanaël Pruvot: Charging extra gas costs when I haven't returned the car yet... What a shame!!!!
A AL: This is not my first booking and I am quite satisfied.The return of the vehicle was very quick in the parking lot unlike my previous experience where I had to go to the agency. Picking up the vehicle could be a bit quicker.Nothing to say about the condition of the vehicle.
Claude Parodi: The collection and return of the vehicle went very well. The receptionist was pleasant and knowledgeable.
françois redaouia: Improper charge without explanation. Couldn't call them...unbelievable
LIN Yueh: There is no car but we were informed about that. The service was nice and it doesn't charge anything at all afterwards.
CIRZETT: Got good service by the people at this location. Then prices for renting cars is high, but probably not worse than at all the others...
Lucas Vanderosieren: celle ci c’est annulé et nous nous retrouvons sans rien. Nous avons prendre un voiture. Une semaine avant notre départ ( le temps de europcar trouve l’erreur
Jean-Marc MILLIOT: Aucune explication à la prise de la voiture , personnel qui semble blasé quand on lui signale tout ça .. après avoir contacté le service client, et fourni des photos, aucune remise commerciale, juste un bon de "surclassement" pour la prochaine fois...(Translated by Google
Arnaud Oncina: Top notch service!
Nayra Benga: deplorable customer service no platform in france all its relocation.Advisors are rude and raise their voices to impress.I am billed for a rental that I, if already paid, is debited from my account.No return of deposit after 7 calls today to customer service.A complaint was filed today for abuse of trust and I also seized the dgcrf which we are used to with the practice of Europe because.Good luck because I work in a court.
Brigitte Micallef: Company is not honest. They want to charge for non-existent objects of the rented vehicle.
Makuku Desire: The problem at the level of restitution.Also nothing proves that the tank is full at the time of taking the car.They are not available to give all the necessary information.The car that we show you at the time of online rental, we give you something else.Not good
Nico Lemo: To flee & avoid absolutely. A more than horrible experience with Europcar. Never rent from this agency! They make you pay additional costs by debiting you without warning and impossible to have the slightest explanation or complaint because the telephone server is going around in circles. Deplorable experience! Avoid if you don't want to be charged various costs such as gasoline when you put it on or imaginary scratch, or others...
Anne Gey: A very bad experience when returning the keys. No one in the parking lot... At the agency, I had to wait for the agents to finish with the customers who were in front of me because they refused to take the key.I lost 20 minutes and afterwards I suffered derogatory comments pointing out to me that I was badly educated and other inepsis. Incredibly rude and in front of other customers and my children. To flee...
wob bamb: Too expensive for my budget
Charly GIRAUD: Agency not found! The star is just for the person who received the vehicle and who kindly showed me my way to Flandre and for his kindness in telling me to run! No indication regarding vehicle return. I had not taken the vehicle in this agency and first time in Lille. You have to ask the taxis for directions because you don't have to pass three times in front! Once in the parking lot, it's not clearly marked either. But it is uun minimum unlike the outside.

4. Yamaha Music School Lille - Lille

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10 reviews
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Yamaha Music School Lille
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Address: 24 Bd Jean-Baptiste Lebas, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 5:15PM

Telephone: +33 6 83 11 72 40

Business type: Music school

Yamaha Music School Lille: what do users think?
Thibaut Lanoy: Excellent music school where children progress well thanks to Sandrine's human and pedagogical qualities.
Emmanuel Ardiet: se fait au fil de l’eau, mais sans cours théoriques.Les années suivantes voient l’apprentissage de morceaux plus ambitieux et la composition de pièces personnelles.Le genre d’école de musique que j’aurais aimé avoir quand j’étais enfant!(Translated by Google
Sophie Delille Vavasseur: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality
salah merabet: Positive:Communication,Professionalism
Axelle Descamp: Very high quality teaching. Sandrine knows how to share her passion for music, which motivates students of all ages to progress with pleasure.
Frederique Dupont: Nothing better than the Yamaha school to learn piano, singing or guitar. A very different approach to traditional teaching. A method adapted to each age, where the instrument is at the heart of learning. Sandrine, the piano teacher is an outstanding professional who communicates her passion and leads her students in the taste and success of learning. Even children create their own composition at the Yamaha school. A must for those who learn while having a lot of fun.
Anais Gaillet: Very good method to encourage children to progress! Very good teacher who knows how to motivate children while remaining demanding which is essential for a good practice of the piano.
Anne De Brito: Obnoxious teacher with students who have trouble...A money pump!!
agathe M: Great school, we all learn while having fun, I've been playing piano there for 6 years and I've progressed very well.

5. Citadines City Centre Lille (Apart Hotel Lille) - Lille

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Address: 83 Av. Willy Brandt, 59777 Lille, France

Telephone: +33 3 28 36 75 00

Business type: Extended stay hotel

Citadines City Centre Lille (Apart Hotel Lille): what do users think?
Pauline rose: il dis qu'on se connait depuis très longtemps et de la ça se permet de posez des questions a mon amie qui était très mal a l'aise car il devais justifier mon nom de famille et qui ne voulais pas spécialement répond très gênant et il se demander qu'est ce qui se passe d'ailleurs ! Ensuite Je suis souvent en déplacement à Lille je venez dans cette hôtel pas tout la journée non plus car je suis souvent absente pour aussi allez les voies a l'extérieur, et je voyez aussi ma famille a extérieur également j'allais bossez aussi en tant que femme d'affaire car oui jai 3 entreprises a gérer j'aurais pu donner mes papiers mes vu la malhonnêteté j'ai préféré partir de cette hôtels ! et le peu amie que j'ai accueilli on m'a prie pour une prostituée au désolez sous entendez !!! Par contre j'ai toujours était honnête et respectueuse. Car je me suis fait un bain huile j'ai dis tout de suite que je réglerais la note pour le désagrément que j'ai causez dans la literie d'ailleurs j'ai payez et ensuite on ose me reprocher comme il y avais de huile partout et plusieurs va et viens avec mes amie qui fallais j'arrête les excuses et dire les choses. Alors que je leur dis juste c'est des amies et que je ne suis absolument pas une prostituée d'ailleurs si j'en était une faut bien être conne pour payez un lieux hébergement alors que cela pourrais être gratuit a bon entendeur. Par contre je connais du jolie monde qui ne viendrais plus dans cette établissement également je ferais une très mauvaise pub a fuir ! Ensuite je rajoute que si c'était un homme qui reçois des femmes ça serait pas la même choses ! Ne sous entendez pas des choses sans aucune preuve ! Sachant j'ai rien a me reprocher et je vous et même dis fouillez ma chambre puis que vous sous entendez. D'ailleurs a me menacer appelez la police aucun souci je vous est dis car j'ai absolument rien a me reprocher et que votre histoire de sous entendu ne tiens pas la route ! Ensuite a me dis au bout autant d'année de carrière sois disant vous n'avez jamais vu des personnes venir comme ça a l'hôtel ça rendre ça sort excuser moi un hôtel ça rentre ça sort logique non ? Je suis pas seule dans l'établissement et ensuite il y a pas 10 personnes par jours qui venez me rendre visite seulement 3 a 4 personne par plus pas moins sachant que le reste du temps je n'était pas là ! Donc belle et dernière fois que je viens mettre les pieds dans cette établissement et je ne serait pas seule d'ailleurs ! Par contre le personnelle de l'accueil et les femmes de chambre rien a dire très professionnel et d'une gentillesse je les pleins a bosser là avec leur directrices bon courage !!!!!(Translated by Google
Joëlle Caron: Great locationVery attentive staffVery comfortable apartment
Alexis Courtois: Thanks to Citadines for saving us last night!A gigantic room, attentive service and right next to the train station!Perfect
Mostafa Refaat: Walkability: Very near to the shopping mall and metro stationRooms: 3/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5Hotel highlights Quiet …More
Ludovic BERNARD: de regarder la télévision en mangeant devant Gilles Bouleau.L’accueil est cordial puis restreint à une ligne téléphonique et à un système de consignes pour récupérer ses clés passée une certaine heure.L’immeuble possède une consigne (gratuité
Cathy X: Great location. Rooms are good with full kitchen.
Mango Chinese: It's basic but it's clean and have free tea and coffee.. location is very convenient and good value for money.
mathieu d: Good, well placedno air conditioning, request for a double bed and 2 single beds finally...
Oxanna River océane: Very clean, comfortable, place to put your suitcases during family vacations🤩...thanks to the staff
Horeta Toufa: Clean room spacious practical kitchenette nothing to say only downside the stifling heat in the room no air conditioning it's a shame
laurent A: et qu'il n'y a plus d'autres chambres. A mon départ, soit 3 jours après, un nouveau réceptionnaire m'informe que son prédécesseur ne m'a pas donné la bonne chambre et qu'il y avait d'autres chambres de disponible !!! C'est honteux d'avoir une qualité de service aussi lamentable !(Translated by Google
nicolas mokhtari: There for training in a meeting room.All the equipment is in the room, up to the water bottles.From a security point of view, it's great, you don't go into a mill.Clean toilets and presence of hydro alcoholic gel everywhere.
Solène D.: car aucun oreiller disponible, il était trop tard car "seul agent dans la résidence et je ne suis pas femme de ménage", dommage au vu du prix mais il a essayé.Au final, lit bébé inutilisable mais hôtel pratique plus pour un séjour professionnel plutôt que familial !(Translated by Google
Christopher Lefevre: We are currently there, the location is really central, close to all shops and all transport, parking is really a plus, the apartments are really well equipped and clean, I recommend for a Lille getaway
Semiath S.: Nice hotel well located 10min walk from the city center and old Lille, it is clean, the staff are welcoming with private parking its worth it for parking I recommend and there is a code to access the machine coffee for hotel guests
Luca Castiglioni: Onesto
MARIE ALBUGUES: The rooms are not ready at 3 p.m. and we explain that "it's from 3 p.m." normally it's from 3 p.m. for customers! Not for hoteliers!Ah ah they are funny!Well, I'll be leaving from 11 a.m.! Who knows? Maybe 11am or maybe not!

6. Loxam Lille Sud - Seclin

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20 reviews
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Loxam Lille Sud
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Address: 15 Rte de Lille, 59113 Seclin, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 32 73 73

Business type: Equipment rental agency

7. Cash Converters Lille - Lille

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159 reviews
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Address: 132 Rue Léon Gambetta, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 77 90 47

Business type: Second hand store

Cash Converters Lille: what do users think?
Faouziya Baïou: Venue acheter une DS, le vendeur à été très professionnel avec moi !De bons conseils, un achat rapide et efficace. Dommage que pendant la vente il ne m’a pas proposer de faire un compte fidélité car j’ai appris que cela pouvait me faire des points fidélité et avec un achat de 40€ c’est toujours cool !Dommage aussi qu’il ne m’a pas proposer un sac à la fin de la vente mais cela est mon avis personnel !Sinon je recommande ce Cash Web grand et bien agencé !
Zayyan Hamrouni: Niveau vente nickel, bien accueilli je recommande 👍
Matthieu: Bonjour je suis allé à cash Web vraiment les vendeurs il très bien un grand merci à maxance il est très professionnel ainsi quentin aussi . Matthieu
Jamel Lakhal: Je suis étonné de ce que j'ai pu voir aujourd'hui la moitié des produits notamment les enceintes les manettes les ordinateurs sont plus chers que du neuf en magasin 😳😳😳
lili afi: Vendeur blond extrêmement désagréable et méprisant du jamais vu !!!Fuyez n'y allez pas, ils reprennent les articles à des prix dérisoire pour se faire un max de bénéfice !!!
Abdelaziz K (K.A): il on des bon prix dans la plupart d'articles (il a des articles qui il sont plus chers que leur qualité) un service moyen🙂
legrand . exe: Le pire c'est qu'on se fou de votre gueule. on part se renseigner dans un des deux magasins. résultat on me confirmes a 100% que mon produit se revendra au magasin de Gambetta. une fois arrivé à celui de Gambetta. le vendeur me riz au nez et me dit qu'il ne reprendra pas le produit. on me fait marcher 1h pour le plaisir et l'amusement des vendeurs des 2 magasins ils ont l'air bien fière après leurs petites blagues... la honte.
Tom: Des escrocs, casque défectueux au bout de 2 semaines d'achat garanti 1 mois mais pas de remboursement possible car le vendeur trouve le moyen de me faire porter le chapeau avec une excuse bidon. Dégueulass à fuie
Annabelle Branco: Great staff and good stock. Good promotions also I recommend.
goten陰: I bought a helmet more expensive than the new price. I realized this only after the purchase
fire famous: I came to sell my phone which was refused for reasons I understand but what I understand less is the guy who doesn't even say goodbye to you who picks up his phone while you talk to him then 2nd thing 90 euros vpus take back a ps4 pro when you sell it for 300 euros 209 euros in profit more than 100% to flee absolutely
Bill Crypto: Store that is not worth the detour of crooks not to mention the despicable buyout price go there instead next to cashland and much better
Cook Captaine: Two seller burst on the ground exorbitant prices just thieves to flee
Elsamir: The prices for some used equipment are as expensive as new?! The staff are friendly. They have a big selection of DVDs and offers promos. But who still uses DVDs today? Strong point they are also a nice collection of video games from the 80s / 90s. I am referring to Nintendo consoles: NES, Super NES, Gameboy... The redemption of objects is possible, but the price of redemptions remains low in my opinion. taste.
Est-Ce T’es K.: Very expensive, distant and absent welcome
Xavier VILLAIN: Oblige a star, but there they are strong in this store in scam, a friend buys a JBL speaker 129.90 to give a gift to his brother and his brother it did not suit him in terms of sound rendering, so he goes in the hour after the purchase for a refund, because no longer having the use of non-legal closures on receipts, the seller refuses to refund but offers to buy it back at 50% payable in cash, uh how to say it smells not good, my friend has health concerns, who does not concern anyone, but to confuse people like that in addition to the seller reselling the enclosure directly to another customer at the price of 129.90, therefore double profit or scam aware of the seller. the head office does not answer the phone but my lawyer will take the case in hand, a shame.
Rum Pa: The most expensive of the occasion is here !!!
Nathalie Urbain: Great welcome I recommend
Dominic Carniaux: Disappointed with this store
Alexandre Deville: Perfect great welcome and lots of choice
Desbois Julien: du coup la montre en vaut 400€, il propose de l'a reprendre 100€, donc un écart de 300€ sur le prix initial... je suis d'accord qu'un article perd de sa valeur une fois sortie du magasin mais je trouve que ce n'est pas vraiment équitable par rapport à l'état ( Comme neuf

8. Urban Slide - Lille

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35 reviews
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Urban Slide
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Address: 3 Rue de Roubaix, 59800 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +33 6 03 59 99 90

Business type: Mobility equipment supplier

Urban Slide: what do users think?
Victor Albert: Very friendly and very efficientI got my scooter back after an hourVery reasonable price I am delightedI absolutely recommend this shop!!!
AUDACE: If he also took care of the cars, I would leave mine to him with my eyes closed. This is the second time I have trusted them. An extremely attentive and welcoming owner. He took care of my scooter which serves as my means of transport. Changed tires, inflated tires, brake check and that without my asking. Go for it ! Trust him. THANKS
Emilien Vasseur: Hello, I strongly recommend this scooter repair and purchase store, fast, simple service, responds quickly to customer requests, yesterday I brought my scooter that I use every day to go to work following an accident. and the gentleman was able to solve the problem with the parts that had under the elbow to be able to repair my scooter. Thank you again for your responsiveness. I strongly recommend that you drop off your scooter for repair or do not buy from him, you won't be disappointed!!Emilian
Tuyen Le: Good welcome and he explains many possibilities if the mudguard of my scooter will be re-broken again. He gave advice to have better solution
Forever Cobb: Puncture of my rear wheel, quick repair and more than reasonable costSuper nice and professional tradesman I highly recommend I will return
Lagneaux Céline: .(Translated by Google
Alexandre Froissart: Supposed to be open until 7 p.m., drive 40 minutes and no one to welcome you the door is closed and does not answer calls thank you for the waste of time
Alexandre Dhaeyer: Passage of a solid wheel at the back on my wispeed, fast and efficient service.very nice personI recommend 100%
Isabelle Miko: Very nice home.Effective.Very kind.I recommend +++++
Amelie Masclet: Several times I have repaired my electric scooter and no problem.He found a breakdown that my scooter had and no one found.Thanks again for everything.
Do Chv: Professional at the top!Arrived for puncture in the rear tire, the trott is repaired in 20 min! An honest diagnosis, and the screws tightened nicely too!
Smit Giovanni: I had my Dualtron repaired for rear puncture dropped off at 11am, in the afternoon it was already ready perfect thank you again see you soon
Rémi Ervel: speed efficiencyThank you sir for your quality service 👌🏻
Boubou: I had a puncture in the rear wheel of my scooter, and an hour later it was repaired, quickly, efficiently and attentive to its customers. I will go back with my eyes closed, thank you again for your professionalism.
Guillaume: Repair without an appointment and carried out in record time, for a more than reasonable price, especially given the professionalism of the manager.I will definitely stay there again if I get a flat tire again on my electric scooter.
Nicolas: Super nice and very good work fast and nickel I recommend
TONY REGNAULT: Crevaison de ma Xiaomi, pris dans la journée, conclusion : rapide, efficace, sympa, pas cher, que demander de plus...un grand merci !!
Lambda: N'hésitez surtout pas à venir chez Urban Slide ! Nous sommes venus en urgence pour une réparation, le service a été de grande qualité, très rapide et fort sympathique ! Encore merci pour tout et à bientôt.
Amandine Olivier: Rapidité efficacité encore merci pour la réparation de la crevaison ainsi que du changement de pneu .J ai déposé ma trotinette le matin et dans l après midi je l ai récupéré.C est pas le cas pour les autres enseignes .Je recommande sans problèmes 👍👍👍👍👍
Pierre Robache: Très pro ! Sympa. tarif compétitif, de bon conseil .je recommande les yeux fermés !!
Kev Taccoen: Vendeur extreme t sympathique je recommande vivement

9. BRAND FRANCE - La Chapelle-d'Armentières

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8 reviews
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Address: Av. Industrielle, 59930 La Chapelle-d'Armentières, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 35 88 55

Business type: Equipment rental agency

BRAND FRANCE: what do users think?
Alexandre Tutellier: The people who manage the company don't have things in their place to tell a temporary worker we're stopping your contract because we needed you, he'd rather send you carrier pigeonsThe repairs carried out on their machine are misery cache I advise all those who want to rent scaffolding nacelles or freight elevators to look elsewhereBrand go fuck yourself....
Quentin Deburge: Super welcome and driver at the top very fast and security level at the top
Jean Marc MOUREAU: I work there
Travaux Generaux: I ask for a scaffolding to rent a gentleman answers me by telling me it's for when I tell him it's possible tomorrow he answers me it's impossible for tomorrow or after tomorrow it's Monday he tells me that it may be possible weekend but not sure!! I tell him I am a company he tells me ok I check if we can rent to your company after versification that my company is 1 years and 2 months old he says sorry to me in our software it is refused complicated your business never heard that I am above !!!!
Claire-Aline Baudelet: Welcoming place, the staff is available and pleasant. Very good reactivity in case of urgent request for scaffolding

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