Best Shops Where To Buy Souvenirs In Lille Near Me

Souvenirs Lille PYLONES Du Bruit dans la Cuisine - Lille La Part Française - Produits Made in France Le Comptoir Irlandais Lille Cigoire La Boutique du Zoo Flying Tiger Copenhagen Le Gallodrome Rihour Andiamo HEMA Montblanc Boutique Lille Artisanat Monastique Lille Furet du Nord Westfield Euralille Salvanne Original

1. Souvenirs Lille - Lille

· 114 reviews

28 Pl. du Général de Gaulle, 59800 Lille

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Souvenirs Lille: what do users think?
Paul Kesington: Very expensive for what you're getting
Buğra Can Sefercik: Too expensive.
Johan Brizet: Very good place for a small gift from the region.
Sophie Sezille: Small shop ideally located, well supplied, the seller is very friendly
May: It is friendly. There are a lot of choices so I found a nice keychain to offer.
Jad Atallah: Very welcoming staff until the store closes and even more!Great selection and souvenir options!
Emilia Piatkowska: Ceny pamiątek wyĆŒsze niĆŒ w Amsterdamie czy ParyĆŒu
 No ale nie ma chyba innych takich sklepikĂłw w Lille
Magda: Hadden er niet echt veel..
Jamy 2006: Uitstekend geholpen door de meneer achter de kassa! Ik heb een extra sneeuwbol weten te fixen voor mijn verzameling!Groeten uit Nederland!
Gaël BRUNEAU: A little pricey but lots of choice and friendly sellers
Léo-Maël Delplanque: Nice shop but a bit small, lack of space. For tourists, I think they find their pleasure there. For me, as a Lille resident who likes to offer a small gift from the region, I would like to discover more novelties there. Friendly and welcoming staff.
David Yatah: Many local products: magnets, postcards, alcohol, terrine, honey
Carlos Silva: excelente service 👌
Sebastian Prado Gamboa: Posto carino ma souvenir costosi e non molto belli ma il reparto del cibo e bevande davvero stupendo. Posto che si trova in centro e facile da trovare.
Starstruck Cactus (Fred): Lovely and Quaint with wide variety, a bit pricey but the Staff were nice and the merchandise was good quality
Laith Shamlawi: Good prices, great location, friendly staff
María Isabel: Muy pequeña , poca variedad y muy cara . He comprado dedales en todos mis viajes y siempre pago 3 o 4 euros ; aquí me cobraron 4,95 .
Fanny L (Fanny L): Small shop but quite complete! Super smiling saleswoman, it's a pleasure!
Rijsel Tlse: Excellent shop
MasterRambaldi: A wide variety of choices in this mini shop located in the heart of the city.Certainly not everything is local, and the prices are sometimes expensive as in all souvenir shops, but there is something to find what you are looking for.Very good filled waffles.
valĂ©rie david fontaine: A small shop on the main square in the heart of Lille.Too bad there are made in china items sold at local prices knowing that we have local artists who make wonderful souvenirs. And I think people are looking for that more otherwise they go to aliexpress đŸ€”đŸ˜•

2. PYLONES - Lille



· 211 reviews

18 Rue de BĂ©thune, 59800 Lille, France

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PYLONES: what do users think?
Bernadette Lemettre: Plein de cadeaux originaux
Kanna The Queen: TrÚs coloré,joviale,pour amener de la gaité en cuisine
Sami Zehar: TrĂšs bon accueil. Rapide et efficace.Service click and collect facile
CATHERINE CAT: Mon magasin préféré, génial pour y trouver un cadeau.
Marie Pierrot: Boutique trÚs sympa, idéal pour trouver des idées cadeaux pour Noël pour tous les budgets !TrÚs bon accueil de la part des vendeurs.
Thierry Dissaux: Des objets originaux, au royaume de la couleur
Alexandre Dewitteleir-Privé: Toujours des objets originaux
Enora: Magnifique magasin ! On me l'avait conseillé pour acheter des cadeaux et je suis super contente de l'avoir découvert. Il y a plein d'idées cadeaux et toutes sont super sympas
M C: A magical place where it is forbidden not to crack đŸ€ŁđŸ˜‚
helene vanlaeys: We came to buy a sugar ball from the sellers, a man who was more than unpleasant, drunk and who despised us, who told his colleague to take care of us because he apparently didn't have the time or the inclination, I think.Saleswoman with curly hair who she was very nice on the other hand.
Didine COCKINOUS: The salesman who closes the door in my face.I am not responsible if the person who left had failed to close it.It's rude.It was Saturday 13/08 ap noon.
Elisa Croquette: Always very beautiful, very sparkling and colorful things. Home at the top and very nice. I recommend.
Jean-Robert Messing: I like the colorful side of the items offeredSome concepts are funny, we are happy in this world of brutes.Items are of good quality
prevost julien: Always a fan!! From small to large gifts, this is the place to go for a birthday...
Arnaud Maggipinto: Impeccable
valérie gobert: You have one shot less well. Enter this shop and you will find some pep. The colors, the vitality of the saleswoman and colorful everyday objects give you back a lot of energy. Put colors in your life. Do not hesitate to spend a few moments and you will find nice gifts for everyone and at all prices.
MasterRambaldi: Objets hyper colorés, originaux ! Idées cadeaux garanties !Les prix sont par contre assez élevés. La boutique est tres étroite, elle mérite vraiment une endroit plus grand.
Séverine Chastang: Super boutique, trÚs sérieuse et vendeurs trÚs aimables
rudy custine: Magasin de Lille. Vendeuse sympathique et courtoise
Michel Duponchelle: Je rentre dans le magasin pas de regard pas de bonjour pas de bienvenue... La base du commerce...Je sors au bout de 30 secondes pas de aurevoir.... Revoyez les bases du commerce et de l'accueil client
Sev Gre: De jolis objets de déco trÚs colorés, les.peix varient en fonction des objets mais ils sont relativement élevés, le personnel est accueillant. Toutefois, les horaires d'ouverture et fermeture ne sont pas adaptés 11h -18h30 ??

3. Du Bruit dans la Cuisine - Lille - Lille

· 38 reviews

Gare Lille Flandres, Pl. des Buisses, 59000 Lille, France

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Du Bruit dans la Cuisine - Lille: what do users think?
Valentin RAIMBOURG: Thanks to Noémie who took care of my refund request for a product that was not sold in this brand store.I normally wouldn't have been able to receive a refund but she took the time to make it happen
MasterRambaldi: Plenty of gift ideas. We don't always think of this shop but there are a lot of choices. It's pretty, useful, good. I received a warm and friendly welcome.
HĂ©lĂšne L: Jovial welcome, saleswoman available and enthusiastic.
Yvon ANSART: Every time I go to this store, I leave with joy.I find beautiful products.I went there on November 24 around 9am.And again it was perfect. Thanks to the advisor. It was a joy talking to him
steve streeter: Friendly staff - made us feel welcome ... great service ... nice shopping atmosphere
Christelle Delcour: Sellers who do not know the basics of the trade: hello, smile, welcome, etc... who continue their conversation even if you approach to ask for advice. The prices are a bit excessive.
Przemyslaw Nsol: A terrible experience. I arrived about fifteen minutes before closing time, barely crossed the door, a blonde saleswoman pushed me away asking me what I wanted "precisely to buy because it was to close soon", while blocking my way. Note that she seemed to be chatting quietly with friends during this time...
Roberto Lorenzo: malgrĂ© tout certains produits sans marque sont assez chers et offrent un rapport qualitĂ© prix peu intĂ©ressant. Ainsi la pelle de cuisine commercialisĂ©e 2,95€ chez Little Extra, est vendue 2,25€ chez Hema. Je pourrais citer bien d'autres exemples. Dommage car l’assortiment est vraiment chouette.(Translated by Google
David Dehane: Excellent store you can find suitcases the people are nice thank you
Fabrice SOWINSKI: store where you can find cool and useful objects not only dedicated to travel, but also to make last minute gifts....
Cassia F.: Nice place, but expensive for what it is
Marie BELLENOUE: Nice products even if a little expensive
Charlotte Delplanque: Very nice home. Small shop in which you always find a little something to offer.
T L: Store too expensive for its kind of products, too bad.
Martin Yzebaert: Pour moi ça mĂ©rite une Ă©toile ! MĂȘme si la boutique propose de bons produits, je suis trĂšs déçu ! Il m'ont dit qu'il me ferons un beau coffret gratuit, au finale je m'en suis rendu compte que maintenant que je l'ai payĂ© 4,50€ ! Je suis dĂ©goutĂ©! Pour qu'en plus il n'est pas de bonne qualitĂ©, il c'est craquer ! Déçu...vraiment !
Ghaelen88: The cashier tried to convince me the American to EU adaptor worked for UK sockets too after I explained muliple times it is not. Quite unprofessional
VIVIANE MONCONDUIT: TrÚs bien et juste à portée de main. Bonnes idées cadeaux
Nassim: Magasin trĂšs sympa et personnel respectueux, chaleureux, accueillant et Ă  l'Ă©coute !
Alain Maréchal: TrÚs belle boutique ou vous pouvez un tas de petits cadeaux de derniÚre minute et pas cher.
Bulbi Zarre: Le magasin est trĂšs bien mĂȘme si je prĂ©fĂ©rais l'accĂšs au tanneurs... Du coup j'y vais rarement dĂ©sormais.

4. La Part Française - Produits Made in France - Lille

· 5 reviews

13 Rue du Cirque, 59800 Lille, France

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La Part Française - Produits Made in France: what do users think?
Romain Hardeman: (Translated by Google
Sarah Croset: .(Translated by Google
Lily B: . C'est parfait quand on souhaite faire un cadeau.Je recommande !(Translated by Google
Vincent DHENRY: Pleasant and unusual shop. Adorable manager who does not hesitate to take her time to help customers!
Sophie Cardinael: Superb little shop where you always find an idea to offer or to treat yourself,I recommend 200%, Clothilde is excellent advice
Bastien Sander: Great store of French products!
Jean-Baptiste d'HĂ©rouville: Very nice shop and products. Very friendly manager.
Victor Dancette: est adorable !(Translated by Google

5. Le Comptoir Irlandais Lille - Lille

· 192 reviews

6 Rue Gombert, 59800 Lille

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Le Comptoir Irlandais Lille: what do users think?
Ricardo Correia: Top spot to find your islander delicacies and drinks. Top wool clothing too!
Christine Humbert: Very friendly trader!
Olivier BERTIEAUX: Very nice shop and the staff is really friendly. I go there every time I'm in Lille. Tea, cakes, a mug.... Lots of choices and always served with a smile 😃
Aurore NaĂŻtychia: Nothing distinguishes an ''Irish counter'' from another ''Irish counter'', except the friendliness at the checkout. And here I give 5 stars. Not to mention that the products are nice and the clothes classy and at the same time relaxed.
Catherine TARDY: the sweaters, the jams, the mugs.. everything makes you want to and the sellers are very caring to do too much!
Meryem BOUABANE SCHMITT: A store for lovers of clothing and food / drink across the ChannelPerfect welcome
Trousset Alexis: Un endroit extraordinaire pour le whisky
Anne-Charlotte Mauqui: Magnifique boutique. Plein d'idées cadeaux. Personnel avenant et sympathique.
Myriam Paux: Des articles de qualité
Jerome Salez: TrĂšs bon acceuil, il y'a un large choix de whisky, amateur de tourbe j'y ai trouvĂ© de quoi ĂȘtre satisfait. À notĂ© Ă©galement un beau rayon de vĂȘtements, so British, l'endroit idĂ©al pour se faire plaisir et trouver des cadeaux Ă  offrir.
Jean-Michel Boucly: De bon conseils pour les wisky
Agnés Geiler: TrÚs beaux pulls et duffle-coat de belle qualité. Vendeur de trÚs bon conseil
Théo Wiart: Store discovered at random while looking for a good Whiskey reference in Lille, warm welcome and very experienced salespeople, I recommend!
Catherine DABRICOT (Cath'): A complete selection of food, clothes, spirits, gift ideas 😎 Ireland in Lille
Catherine Mannechez: Friendly and knows his products
ALAIN DUHAYON: Nice little store and good welcome.
greg soleill: I did not know but quality product !!
Jérémy Verhelst: Here mix Beers, Whiskey, rum, pùté, cake, tea, clothing. Finally, you will find a gift idea that will please you for both men and women.
Leslie Carpentier: Small shop but with lots of Irish/English products.
Juliette Courmont: . DĂ©cor typique et accueil chaleureux, on se croirait en Irlande.(Translated by Google
Christophe COURMONT: Accueil trĂšs sympathique, jolie boutique, prix raisonnables au regard de la qualitĂ©, idĂ©ale pour les cadeaux 🙂. Je recommande !(Translated by Google

6. Cigoire - Lille

· 19 reviews

91 Rue Esquermoise, 59800 Lille, France

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Cigoire: what do users think?
Ana Mínguez Rubido: Top! J’adore !
LĂ©a: La boutique Cigoire regorge de pĂ©pites. Il y en a pour tous les goĂ»ts ! Si vous venez sans trop savoir quoi offrir Ă  votre prochain pot de dĂ©part, vous repartirez avec plein d’idĂ©e pour votre liste du pĂšre NoĂ«l.De trĂšs belles dĂ©couvertes. Petit coup de cƓur pour les bougies qui vous font voyager Ă  travers la ville de Lille.Les prix sont parfois un peu Ă©levĂ©s mais la qualitĂ© des produits, les vendeuses au petit soin et le charme de la boutique vous fait tout oublier.Je recommande !
Van’ s: TrĂšs belle boutique ! Belle sĂ©lection, j’y trouve toujours mon bonheur. Je suis venue hier et les vendeuses Ă©taient tres sympas. Je cherchais un cadeau et elles ont parfaitement su me conseiller.Je reviendrai !
Marie T: Un petit magasin plein de surprise et belles découvertes made in France pour un rapport qualité prix imbattables.
Nadia D.: TrÚs chouette, joli concept, j'aime le cÎté quasi unique des objets présentés.
Naniotte: J’adore cette boutique
Virginie: J adore cette boutique bordelaise
Virginie Kempf: Je reviens réguliÚrement dans cette boutique ainsi que des amies pour trouver des cadeaux à offrir. Il y a de nombreux choix avec de nouveaux objets à découvrir avec des prix intéressants.Nous sommes toujours trÚs bien conseillés, les vendeuses sont toujours souriantes et vraiment aimables, appréciable car cela ne se voit pas partout.A conseiller vivement, ce lieu agréable avec toujours de belles découvertes
Louise Lavoisier: 3 vendeuses trĂšs dĂ©sagrĂ©ables qui ne se bougent pas, nous bloquent l’accĂšs Ă  certains endroits du magasins et se permettent mĂȘme de nous demander de se dĂ©placer pour ne rien faire. Elles Ă©voquaient aussi la demande d’alternance d’un jeune homme en le dĂ©nigrant.
MĂ©lanie Aubergier: Une super expĂ©rience pour la FĂȘte des Mamans. Commande reçue en 48h... ( ça aide quand on est tĂȘte en l'air sur les dates). Un colis fait avec attention, un emballage doux et dĂ©licat... A l'image des magnifiques et agrĂ©ables boutiques...Je recommande !Merci Cigoire !
Emma TRH: The products are very beautiful, you will find what you are looking for... however very very disappointed with the saleswoman, unpleasant, not a smile, very dry, it looks like she does not want to be there. I ask for an article, she blows, I feel like I'm disturbing. The dark-haired woman was nice, but as said before, the young blond woman with glasses with bangs must know how to make an effort, and not get annoyed when I kindly ask for a wrapping paper.It’s a shame, to end on a positive note: I am delighted with my purchase.I hope you can do what is necessary to restore a smile and good will to this sales consultant. See you soon 😉
Hermine de Langeron: Really nice products, enough to find what you're looking for but unpleasant sales consultant... no hello, impression of disturbing when you ask a question, answers in a very dry way... I'll skip the details but it's a shame anyway
Saida Mestaoui: very nice shopEva very nice and professional
Philip Philip: The cave of good taste.. A beautiful store where you can stroll around to find original gifts. To offer and to offer oneself
Florian Damerie: Very nice experience in this surprising & atypical Pop Up Store. Perfect for getting creative and finding original gift ideas.
Philippe Crowet ( Hello charming welcome and interesting discoveries
François Durupt: Very nice shop with items from Maison Pechavy. I am delighted with my purchase
Lucio C: Very nice store with products that you can't find elsewhere, congratulations for your concept. Have a nice day.
Yann Kizonzolo: Wonderful store and great staff. The perfect place if you want to make responsible gifts
Corentin Sgn: Nice shop: a nice selection of products, both in alcohol and decoration, clothing, miscellaneous objects... I even rediscovered illustrations by artists I knew... An address to visit to find a relevant gift and original.
Clemence Hubert: I love ! A great address to fill up on creativity and gift ideas! But also to have fun.

7. La Boutique du Zoo - Lille

· 6 reviews

Zoo de, 59800 Lille, France

Address WhatsApp
La Boutique du Zoo: what do users think?
Pascal Anthonio Brignoli: TrĂšs jolie boutique vous y dĂ©couvrirez carole hyper sympathique qui vous guidera avec bienveillance et respect merci a vous et continuez comme cela 🙏😁🙏Petit plus il y a des nouveaux qui nous rappelle notre enfance trĂšs ludique dont j'ai partagĂ© la photo 😁
Joj 59: Mon fils a pris en doudou une de vos peluche, est ce que c'est possible de venir en acheter une sans pour autant passer par le zoo ?
Elodie ItWorks: Les prix sont un peu élevés pour les produits proposés mais la personne a la caisse trÚs agréable et c'est sympa de pouvoir acheter un petit souvenir en sortant du zoo.
Esteban IRIBARNE: pas grand chose et prix assez élevés.
Bodineau Clara: Envie de tout acheter! Prix abordables, c'est chouette d'avoir une boutique au zoo ! La vendeuse est trĂšs sympa
Vincent Hardy: Des supers beaux produits dérivés, mignons et originaux

8. Baccarat - Lille

· 12 reviews

1-3 Rue de la Bourse, 59000 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

9. Flying Tiger Copenhagen - Lille

· 214 reviews

29 Rue Esquermoise, 59000 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp
Flying Tiger Copenhagen: what do users think?
Marie T: Un magasin au top, toujours de belles nouveautés avec le prix et la qualité au rdv.
marie wlo: Pleins de bonnes idées
marie-agnes Verrier-Carcenac: Toujours agréable de déambuler dans ces magasins. Quelques pépites pas trop onéreuses.
P A: Super ! Magasin toujours trĂšs joli et propre, bonne variĂ©tĂ© d'articles (les prix sont parfois corrects parfois moins mais c'est au niveau de l'entreprise et non du magasin en lui-mĂȘme). La vendeuse Ă©tait adorable. Je recommande vivement !
Paul Labadie: ScandaleuxVous entrez lĂ -dedans en pensant trouver des objets et produits made in Denmark đŸ‡©đŸ‡°â€Š.Tout est Made in China 🇹🇳A boycotter sans hĂ©siter
Christopher Martin: Good choice of goods at keen prices
Miss Hochart: J'adore ce magasin oĂč on trouve des ts de gadgets originaux Ă  prix raisonnables!
Daniela S.M.P: Good store
Athénaïs Hurdebourg: If you want to find lots of nice little items, kawaiii, gadget! The store is made for you. There is a wide choice of small activities for young and old, decorative objects, and seasonal items for the holidays.
Grégoire Menu (Grég): All kinds of practical things for the home and at a lower cost...There are all kinds of toy gadgets and various objects that are great for practical shopping and leaving with a Santa Claus host or decorating the house.
Chloé G: I love this store where you can find as many useless things as nice gadgets
Laurence: A shop that allows us to buy several things in one place. Everything is there, games, kitchen accessories, bath... Decoration for a birthday or other. But also several shapes and colors of candles. We necessarily go out with a little present for ourselves or to offer
noah delmonteil: we returned at the same time as a couple had the right to return but for us no it was too late the store closed! I don't find it very commercial, too bad...
Tania Coquereau: Smiling staffTidy store
hennequart cathy: I found everything I wanted for Halloween and the Christmas decorations are so cute. There is a large choice of decoration but also games for children. The prices are correct. The staff are welcoming.
Marie France Moriamez: Lots of cheap and fun trinkets but not really necessary. Very clean
Marie RYBAK: I love this store! Impossible to leave without buying something
Thibault Patteuw: is a bit like this friend who consoles us when euralille's friend has disappeared
Justine: Bon magasin de base mĂȘme si j’avais une prĂ©fĂ©rence pour celui d’Euralille qui Ă©tait mieux rangĂ©.Je suis venue acheter des boules quies ce matin. Ce soir j’ai voulu m’en servir et quelle ne fut pas ma dĂ©ception quand j’ai ouvert l’emballage et ai constatĂ© qu’ils Ă©taient tous dĂ©fectueux
Les boules quies s’aplatissent mais ne reprennent pas leur forme, ils ont l’air totalement cuits en fait.J’ai achetĂ© 2 boĂźtes, donc 6€ de gaspillĂ©s car je n’ai pas le temps de repasser me faire rembourser.
Mario Mario: Y'a tout ce dont on n'a pas besoin mais qu'on achĂšte quand mĂȘme 😂😂😂

10. Le Gallodrome Rihour - Lille

· 111 reviews

17 Rue de la Vieille Comédie, 59000 Lille

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Le Gallodrome Rihour: what do users think?
Marina Elbaz: Hello, I walked past your shop when it was closed and noticed that the lights were on. This is prohibited by law in France during the night from 1am, with a fine of up to 7500€. Moreover, we are going through a climate and energy crisis. Can you help us deal with this double crisis by turning off the lights in your shop outside opening hours? That would be great ! THANKS !
Pac Pac: Hello, I noticed that your store was on while it was closed. I would like to make you aware of the risks that this entails, especially in this period of energy crisis. Indeed, if everyone leaves their lights on after closing their businesses, we risk power cuts. By doing so, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but it will save you money. Think about it 😉
Alexandre F: Good evening,Why not turn off the light when you leave the store at night? This would save unnecessary energy, especially in this time of climate crisis. In addition, you risk a fine of up to €7,500 after 11 p.m.THANKS !
Marchyllie Djymmi: Nice little shop with an original choice of clothes.Personally I find my choice according to my tastes.Very pretty t-shirt of a cat holding a glass of beer in Japan style.I LOVE IT!!!😍😍😍😍😍And very good reception from the seller.A real crush.❀A store that I absolutely recommend.
bob kayak: Nice if boys want a souvenir but a little too expensive / product made in China with a fun thing printed on it
Olivier Pucher: Hello, I would like to encourage you to turn off your storefront as soon as it closes, because we are going through an energy crisis and any gesture of sobriety is important. Power cuts are possible and it would be a shame if your store was flooded with light unnecessarily. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Anne-Karyne Foucart: Hello, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that your windows are lit at night. As we face an energy crisis, I find this unfortunate and unhelpful. I would love to see you become an example to follow by turning off your signs after closing. Do you think that would be possible? Cordially,
Francois gosseau: Full of humorous local color articles. Beer "the proud" is a bit expensive!
Rijsel Tlse: Superb place, to leave with memories of ch'nord
AnaĂŻs Dreux: Super nice store, friendly staff. The items are super pretty and original. For yourself or as a gift, you can find what you need here.
Philippe Clerebaut: Chouette adresse pour un souvenir du Nord, un t-shirt au logo détourné avec gout, une affiche originale ou un Mug.Accueil trÚs sympathique par une équipe jeune est dynamique...
laurence arnold: Very cool shop with great t-shirts, mugs, posters etc. If you love cycling, beer, frites and everything Flandres, then this is the place for that with their unique designs. Super friendly staff too. Love my cycling t-shirts and mug.
Quentin Guérin: Retrait de commande trÚs rapide, top !
sylvain petremand: Accueil ultra sympathique, humour, produits de qualité, auto dérision, une boutique lilloise incontournable.
Jean Pierre BOSTYN: Équipe trùs sympathique
France Claeyman: Trop bien
Anthony Jouet: Superbes produits, super services, vendeurs et vendeuses toujours souriants.TrĂšs bonne ambiance.Un must quand vous ĂȘtes de passage sur Lille, et un must quand vous devez faire un cadeau d'anniv ou de fĂȘtes quelconques.
Camille DELPOUVE: Ravie, la boutique est super agrĂ©able, articles de qualitĂ© et vendeur trĂšs sympathique!! IdĂ©ale pour faire des cadeaux en clin d'Ɠil Ă  notre superbe rĂ©gion :)
Didier Dutoit: Des produits régionaux et originaux bien mis en valeur par la jeune équipe de vendeurs !
BERTRAND Alexis: Je tiens Ă  remercier l'Ă©quipe du Gallodrome pour son professionnalisme !!!!J'ai passĂ© une commande en ligne lundi soir destination La Rochelle. A ma grande surprise j'ai reçu le produit conforme vendredi !!!!Le top depuis la commande oĂč j'ai reçu immĂ©diatement un mail de confirmation et un suivi les jours suivants.TrĂšs rassurant !!!! en tant que client, je recommande 👍👍👍👍Bonnes fĂȘtes Ă  toute l'Ă©quipe
Charlotte Delehelle: Beau magasin, agréables, top !

11. Andiamo - Lille

· 295 reviews

111 centre commercial EURALILLE, 59777 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

12. HEMA - Lille

· 277 reviews

53 Rue de BĂ©thune, 59000 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

13. FUNSO LILLE - Lille

· 1 reviews

1 Place François Mitterrand, 59777 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

14. Montblanc Boutique Lille - Lille

· 43 reviews

4 Rue de la Bourse, 59800 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

15. How To Ruin - Lomme

· 5 reviews

167G Av. de Bretagne, 59000 Lille, France

Address Website

16. Artisanat Monastique Lille - Lille

· 29 reviews

Place Gilleson Parvis de la Treille, 59800 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

17. Furet du Nord - Lille

· 8771 reviews

15 Pl. du Général de Gaulle, 59800 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

18. Westfield Euralille - Lille

· 25469 reviews

100 Av. Willy Brandt, 59777 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

19. Salvanne Original - Lille

· 4 reviews

1 place des oignons, 59800 Lille, France

Address Website WhatsApp

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