Best Tile Shops In Lille Near Me

1. Porcelanosa - Lezennes

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Address: Bd de Tournai, 59260 Lezennes, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 34 03 40

Business type: Ceramic manufacturer

2. Aesop - Lille

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Address: 2 Rue Bartholomé Masurel, 59800 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 51 94 03

Business type: Beauty supply store

Aesop: what do users think?
desa dobrata: My favorite store! Avoid visiting on Saturday, as it's too crowded and it's not obvious to take your time with the great staff who are always of good advice
François Durupt: A service and a welcome of a rare benevolence and extremely pleasant. I was able to discover the brand through the charming expert who welcomed me. I opted for a facial cleansing gel, a mask, the radiant face concentrate and the Karst perfume...I can already see the effects on my face and I have nothing but compliments on the perfume. Many thanks for this discovery.
elina mykhailenko: Good store, nice and friendly people who work there. I had kind boy, who was very attentive and English speaking.P.S. Adore Aesop products
Antoine van Boghoute (Vanb): It has character, it's beautiful, we are accompanied from the entrance to the exit of the store by advisers who know what they are doing
Sarah C: Very helpful and kind shop assistant who showed me various types of hand creams and oils, loved the odor and good quality.
Alice Cottinet: Great time yesterday with an experienced and charming counselor. She took the time to explain a lot of things to me about the products but also about skin care in general, made me test different products. I particularly appreciate not having felt the slightest insistence to buy, it is elegant and very appreciable. Too early to give an opinion on the products, I have to test them, but the experience itself was a very pleasant and relaxing moment.
Cecile Bruno: Excellent products, the scent is just crazy. Team available and professional. Cheer.
aurelia delattre: Aesop and in particular Maxime have changed my beauty ritual for my greatest satisfaction, I no longer use anything else; my skin can only thank them, no more problems with dry skin, a daily glow and compliments that I did not hear before. Thanks to Maxime for his relevant advice and his passion that he passed on to me.
pat lib: The pretty shop has an excellent welcome,luxury skin care products and high quality home fragrances.
CERCLE NOIR: Nice shop. Sellers welcoming and very very pleasant.
Ch Cl: Very pleasant and welcoming sellers.Tests can be done.Very nice shop with the plants and the perfume.Very effective hand cream.I recommend +++Do not hesitate to enter
Chloé Engd: Discovered by chance in old Lille, very pleasant shop and very welcoming and available seller.I left with samples of products corresponding to my skin type! I recommend
mengqian liu: DisappointedI was well received, the saleswoman is professional, she gave me relevant information. I bought a small forma of face cleanser, and 4 samples. When I am at home, I discovered that I am not given the receipt, it is very strange. And I look for the products that I want to buy for the next time, but but but, I found that I paid 29 euros, but the price of cleanser is 27 euros. I don't have the receipts, so I can't know what costs 2 euros more, the small bag or samples? At least I have the right to be informed that I am paying with my money for what.m, but that is not the case. I am sorry to trust the seller without a doubt. From now on, I will check the receipt tjs.
AGUSTIN MONTEALTO: super! tres tres bien experience
Lemaire laure-anne: Very nice shop
Grégory Carvalho: Very nice shop.The seller is really professional and very good advice.In the top!!!Dear seller with glasses, Thank you very much for your patience and kindness.
Patrick Davin: A very good welcome available and pleasant
Elisha Kim: I went back there since the saleswoman was so nice when I went there for the first time. However this time, the saleswoman was different than the other day and made us wait for tens of minutes while she greets previous customers, without asking for understanding. Finally I bought a product that I had seen the other day, yet when I took it out of the bag after I got home, she was actually giving me another product which I didn't have asked. fortunately as this product was not bad, I did not ask for the change but I am disappointed for its inability to serve.
Alexandar Nikolov: Excellent products.
Joffrey DRISCH: Really a pleasure to come to this shop. Always well received, and always well advised. The products are great!
Celine Catteau: Totally won over by the high quality products, I was received by an incredibly kind adviser who took the time to have me test the products that suited me, he offered me samples to test the products on my very reactive and sensitive skin. I was completely satisfied with each of them, he knew how to advise me to perfection. I highly recommend this wonderful store.

3. Bulthaup - Lille

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Address: 91 Bd de la Liberté, 59000 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 6PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 14 32 74

Business type: Kitchen furniture store

4. Best Western Premier - Why Hotel - Lille - Lille

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662 reviews
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Best Western Premier - Why Hotel - Lille
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Address: 7 Sq. Morisson, 59000 Lille, France

Telephone: +33 3 20 50 30 30

Business type: Hotel

5. Aux Merveilleux de Fred - Lille

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1979 reviews
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Aux Merveilleux de Fred
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Address: 67 Rue de la Monnaie, 59800 Lille, France

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:45PM

Telephone: +33 3 20 51 99 59

Business type: Bakery

6. Apple Lille - Lille

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1632 reviews
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Apple Lille
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Address: 1 Rue Faidherbe, 59800 Lille

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7:30PM

Telephone: +33 3 59 81 89 00

Business type: Electronics store

Apple Lille: what do users think?
simon delloue: Sad world where customer satisfaction is not the goal here.Smiling and welcoming staff but methods from another world, welcome Soviet archaism!
S G: Ruime apple winkel, groot aanbod. Mooie winkel met veel lichtinval en vriendelijke mensen die klaarstaan om elke vraag te beantwoorden.
Abdel EINEIN: They refuse to support the replacement of my battery. I've been in contact with them for a year, after an appointment in the store, they tell me that the warranty has expired.I regret having been an Apple customer for years.
luc verwaerde: Staff attentive to your expectations quickly and with very good explanations concerning the products
Lehcen Mahidi: This day I went to Lille for a daily problem with my Applewatch. Nicolas, a smile a few clicks and bam it makes chocapics. My Apple Watch will stop telling me that I'm walking a lot. 😉😉thanks Nicholas
julie roussel: Apple Apple AppleI am such a fan of this brand that I am also delighted to share that the Apple store in Lille has very competent employees!!!I needed help deactivating an iPhone following a change and the specialist who helped me was very competent, quick and welcomingI recommend this place!
LEMAIRE Nolwenn: Visit to Apple LilleGreeted by an unpleasant manPut 1300 euros for a phone that absolutely does not hold the battery or Apple supposedly can not do anything.Great apple.
Régis Caspar: The shop is clean and bright, the employees are welcoming
Alban: Payer 3000€ pour un ordinateur ne suffit apparemment pas pour qu'il puisse marcher correctement au-delà de 25°Aux alentours de 30°, le mac est inutilisable.Prévoyez-vous un ventilateur à 2000€ en option ?
Nicolas CPS: Non respect des 7 ans d’engagement de reparabilité d’Apple , 5 ans ! Oua c’est vieux vous avez de la chance , iPad a la poubelle 🗑️ super pour l’écologie
Nathan HANNOTTE: Venu aujourd'hui pour remplacer une batterie d'iphone, personnel super accueillant et professionnel, super rapide ! En moins d'une heure le téléphone était prêt !
Renée Louchart: Bon accueil Bons renseignementsPersonnel très sympathique
Cloé Campagne: Très bien accueillie par un conseiller de vente! Avec le sourire et la bonne humeur 😁
Gulnara Valitova: Apple Customer Service [1 Rue Faidherbe, 59800 Lille] Lille, FranceSubject: Complaint regarding recent purchase and customer service experienceI am writing to express my disappointment and concern regarding a recent purchase I made at the Apple shop in Lille, specifically pertaining to the service I received from one of your staff members and the subsequent difficulties I encountered in resolving the issue.Recently I have visited the Apple shop located at [1 Rue Faidherbe, 59800 Lille] in search of an Apple MacAir M2 with an English keyboard. The consultant at the store, whose name I unfortunately did not note down, advised me to place the order by phone. I promptly called the Apple shop in Lille using the contact number and placed the order on 3rd of June.After receiving a message notifying me that I could collect the MacAir M2 from the Apple store in Lille, I visited the store on June 12th (yesterday). However, upon returning home, I realized that I was not completely satisfied with the colour and size of the product, prompting me to reconsider my decision. I immediately returned to the store and was fortunate to be assisted by an exceptional consultant named Morgane, who displayed genuine concern for my satisfaction and attempted to facilitate the necessary refund.Regrettably, when Morgane sought assistance from the manager, Aurelie, the encounter took an unfavorable turn. Aurelie exhibited a lack of politeness, displayed no willingness to help, and conducted herself in a manner that can only be described as arrogant. Despite my request for support in returning the product and securing a refund, Aurelie outright refused to accommodate my request, insisting that I must initiate the return process online.Throughout this ordeal, Morgane remained incredibly helpful and supportive, dedicating over an hour of her time to assist me with the issue at hand. It is worth noting that her professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction were greatly appreciated during an otherwise distressing experience.To my disbelief, it was communicated to me that in order to receive a reimbursement, I am required to wait 72 hours for someone to come to my residence to collect the MacAir. This convoluted process has left me feeling frustrated and disillusioned. As an ardent admirer and loyal customer of Apple, I had always associated the brand with exceptional service and client appreciation. Unfortunately, my recent experience has been far from satisfactory, leaving me feeling undervalued and disrespected as a customer.I kindly request your urgent attention and support in resolving this matter promptly. I believe that Apple prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction, and I genuinely hope that you will take this opportunity to rectify the situation and restore my faith in your brand. It is my earnest desire to continue as a satisfied Apple customer, and I trust that you will take the necessary steps to ensure a swift resolution.I would be grateful if you could provide me with clear instructions on how to proceed with the return process, as well as any additional assistance you can offer to facilitate a smooth and timely refund. Furthermore, I kindly request that you address the conduct of the manager, Aurelie, and ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to a swift resolution and a positive outcome. I remain hopeful that my next interaction with Apple will be a more positive and fulfilling experience.
Hayder Khana: the staff are friendly and the give advice too
Ludovic Dikan: Mon expérience à l'Apple Store de Lille m'a laissé un sentiment mitigé. Bien que je sois un grand fan des produits Apple et que j'aie eu des expériences positives dans d'autres Apple Stores, j'ai été déçu par la mentalité des vendeurs et par l'accueil général que j'ai reçu.Il est regrettable de constater que la mentalité des vendeurs laisse à désirer. J'ai trouvé leur attitude peu serviable et parfois même condescendante. Au lieu de me sentir bien accueilli et soutenu dans mes besoins, j'ai ressenti un certain mépris de leur part. Cette expérience m'a laissé un goût amer.Cependant, il est important de souligner que l'Apple Store de Lille offre un large éventail de produits Apple et une bonne variété d'accessoires. De plus, l'environnement est agréable et les produits sont exposés de manière attrayante. Cela dit, l'absence d'un service client attentionné et sympathique est une véritable lacune.Heureusement, Internet offre de nombreuses alternatives pour acheter des produits Apple en ligne. La commodité de faire ses achats depuis chez soi et d'avoir accès à une vaste gamme de produits, sans avoir à subir une mauvaise expérience en magasin, est un avantage certain.Bien que l'Apple Store de Lille propose une sélection intéressante de produits Apple et offre un environnement attrayant, il est nécessaire de revoir la mentalité des vendeurs et l'accueil global pour garantir une expérience client positive et satisfaisante. En attendant, il est rassurant de savoir qu'Internet offre une alternative pratique pour ceux qui souhaitent éviter les désagréments vécus en magasin.
jessica shmidt: Super accueil,notre souci a été réglé en 1h pour un écran cassé en plus un samedi ou il y avait du monde 😓merci à toute l’équipe très pro
Melanie Collet: Très déçue de mon expérience chez Apple!Quand Mr Collet dit à des clients « si vous êtes de bonne foi » alors que mon achat a 2 jours je trouve cela intolérable ! Qu on ait 3,5,15 années d ancienneté il y a des exceptions et des problèmes uniques! On ne peut pas travailler dans le commerce et faire une généralité!Terminé pour moi Apple de lille! J irai faire mes achats à la Fnac où eux sauront s occuper de clients!
JANSSEN ANTOINE: Très déçu par le service client !Manque de considération.
salma: Excellente expérience, nous avons pu discuter avec Fabrice qui a très bien pu nous conseiller et nous accompagner dans nos démarches. Encore merci à lui, nous reviendrons.
RAGHU KADIYALA: I brought my iPhone 14 pro, the battery goes down very fast I went lot of times to the store for the help. No proper response. My 100 percent battery came down in 2 hours using battery and for calling. They gave some stupid reasons which are not correct at all. I wish you not to iPhone 14 pro and the store was really bad the way they respond to me. I use my phone personally they show some statistics and say your phone works well, but to be honest I am using the worst phone in my life was iPhone 14 pro. I suggest buy some other product less expensive waste of money 1329 euros. I wish this review will help the people.

7. Tamper! Espresso Bar - Lille

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325 reviews
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Tamper! Espresso Bar
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Address: 10 Rue des Vieux Murs, 59800 Lille, France

Schedule: Closed ⋅ Opens 10AM Wed

Telephone: +33 3 20 39 28 21

Business type: Espresso bar

Tamper! Espresso Bar: what do users think?
Léa: Venues travailler un après midi, nous avons été chaleureusement servies. Les cuisines ferment début d’après midi mais vous pourrez tout de même déguster de bonnes pâtisseries et un super café latte !
Fabien Bruwaert: the place to be pour un brunch. mais chuuuttt ne le dites à personne !
Axel SARRET: Nous avons testés le brunch, et il est beaucoup trop chère pour ce qui est proposé. Les avocados toats manquaient d'assaisonnement. Le café était cependant excellent, tout comme le service.
Geoffrey S.: Café de qualité avec un personel genial ! Je recommande !!
Maurits Vedder (NL): Based on the looks, the name and what they sell (i.e. everything coffee) I expected a really well brewed coffee, but it was actually just average.Food: 3/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 4/5 …More
Jerome Hedant: Vraiment très sympa ce coffeeshop pour se poser bien que l'endroit soit vraiment petit. Je reviendrais pour acheter du café en grains.
Hippolyte Tessier: Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5Recommended dishes Pâtisseries MaisonMore
Daniel Costa: Não existe atendimento melhor! Nosso atendimento foi totalmente personalizado e agradável. Comidas e cafés deliciosos e lugar super agradável. Meu prato (este da foto, uma foccacia alta com queijo e salada) estava excepcional! Voltarei sempre que puder.. mesmo que saindo do Brasil 😂! Super recomendo!!!Vegetarian options: Não pedi mas tinha!
La Nda: Liebevolles Café. Ideal für ein Frühstück oder Brunch. Es gibt Kuchen, Eier etc.Hat super geschmeckt.Das Ambiente ist angenehm. Man kann das Essen auch zum Mitnehmen bestellen.Klasse ist auch, dass sie versuchen möglichst nachhaltig zu sein!
India Starker: I drank espressos here three days in a row when I visited Lille because they are so delicious. My favorite was Finca La Balsa from Pérou roasted by Cloud Forest.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Gabriela Marino: A pleasant surprise close to the "passage des artistes", this coffee shop offers a nice ambiance and a true coffee experience. Surprisingly enough, they also have many options for tea lovers.Food: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Atmosphere: 5/5 …More
Joséphine Quetstroey: I have heard a lot about this cafe and I was not disappointed. Their chai latte is excellent and their babka too, we really enjoyed it! I recommend
Ryan Knowles: When you pay 4.70 for a coffee you expect something half decent but the coffee I had from this place was really bad. I had a flat white but the milk wasn't foamed properly and the coffee just didn't taste nice. I was offered another coffee but as the staff didn't seem to see the problem with the coffee they served me I decided not to bother.
AL P-B: Finally a real coffee shop with very knowledgeable and friendly staff.It gets busy at lunchtime and for the goûter.Coffee is top quality and well made.Café allongé? Not available but a fantastic v60 is definitely hugely better
Gijs Bothof: We had to wait outside for 15 min. because it was full. This was no problem for us and it was worth the wait. It’s a small espresso bar with limited tables, but it gives cozy living room vibes. The staff was really nice and are able to speak fairly good English. We had the avoc toast and eggslut which were really tasty. Would definitely recommend to go here if you want a nice lunch!
Zubair Ahmed Shaik: Best espresso in town. They are very serious about coffee and it shows. Brioche Perdue was fantastique.The staff are friendly and welcoming. I wish they get more staff to handle the high volume of customers on weekends/ holidays.
Tanja Gušavac: We came here for a quick espresso while exploring the city. We expected this place to be top notch with espresso due to the name. Unfortunately, we did not like it. It was beyond bitter and had no specific taste. What surprised me is that we did not have a choice of beans we would like, what you'd expect from a place's name.Place is pretty small and tables are too close to each other so you have no privacy at all.On the other hand, service was nice and fast.
Ben S.: Kleine, aber feine Frühstücks-Location. Sehr lecker, liebevoll eingerichtet, gut besucht, fancy Hintergrundmusik vom Plattenspieler. War schön bei Euch. Danke!
Ioannis Baraklianos: If you like good coffee and conviviality, this is the coffee for you! Don't forget to order a cinamon roll!
Giuliana Vacca: A lovely place for lunch. It was a little crowded on Saturday, but we got in within 20-25 minutes. They did seat people who got there after us, so that was a tad annoying. But the food and drink made up for. And the all staff is genuinely so nice. The matcha latte was so so good, with oat milk it's so creamy. The shakshuka was also really good and flavorful. I really would come back again.
Eugenie: Super busy and packed when I visited over a weekend, but baristas are very kind and coffees satisfying. Depending on when you visit, there may be a queue or would have to resort to sitting outside, but still one of the best cafes I’ve been to in Lille.

8. Best Western Plus UP Hôtel - Lille

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278 reviews
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Address: 17 Pl. des Reignaux, 59000 Lille, France

Telephone: +33 3 20 06 06 93

Business type: Hotel

Best Western Plus UP Hôtel: what do users think?
Fred Terror: Very good hotel, nice decor, very friendly staff, excellent breakfast with lots of homemade products and very comfortable room.
Mathieu Loyez: (Translated by Google
Abdulaziz Alajlan: الفندق نظيف وصالح للعوائل وقريب من كل شي و محطة القطار قريبة ايضاRooms: الغرف نظيفة ولكنها ضيقة المساحةSafety: آمن جدا والموظفين خدومين وراقين
Sophie Ducrot: A very nice hotel with a beautiful decor and a very good location. Local and homemade products. Top!!!!
C mon avis: A nice hotel close to the train stations, the historic center and the Zénith de Lille.Welcoming and friendly staff, comfortable and pleasantly furnished rooms on an exotic theme.
Tristan Landry: We had a great weekend in Lille and our visit to the Hotel Boa had a lot to do with it: a warm and smiling welcome, very professional but without being stuffy. Beautiful comfortable rooms, contemporary and ethnic decor, a hearty homemade breakfast with always the same smile to welcome us. In short, we recommend this hotel with your eyes closed!!
Benoit Dieu-Hunin: Très agréable et plaisant séjour à l’hôtel Boa de Lille !Le point fort de cet hôtel, c’est son équipe !Ils sont toutes et tous agréables, courtois, attentionnés, disponibles et très professionnels.On y est bien accueilli avec un accueil personnalisé. On se sent réellement valorisé.L’hôtel est joliment décoré et il est à taille humaine. L’ambiance y est conviviale.Les chambres sont impeccables et les salles de bain très propres. Elles sont également fraîches.La literie est confortable et le calme de l’hôtel fait que l’on y dort très bien.Bravo aux femmes de chambres et aux gouvernantes qui font du bon travail.Après ma réservation sur le site Best Western, j’ai appelé l’hôtel Boa pour un détail concernant la chambre. Une charmante réceptionniste, Mallory, m’a écouté et m’a entendu. Je suis très satisfait de l’attention portée aux clients !Un soir pour le dîner, je me suis dirigé vers le bar pour consulter la carte. On m’a confectionné une planche mixte charcuterie et fromage. Je me suis régalé. Les personnes du service du soir on pris soin de savoir si j’avais suffisamment de pain et si je voulais du beurre doux ou demi-sel… Des détails qui m’ont vraiment fait plaisir !L’hôtel Boa est idéalement situé en centre-ville de Lille et à proximité des gares.Accueil, courtoisie, confort, convivialité… Bref, on se sent vraiment bien dans cet hôtel.Je recommande vivement le Boa hôtel de Lille et j’y retournerai avec plaisir !
Daniel Clerc: Îlot de calmes et se délicatesse. Service et chambres parfaites .MerciRooms: Grandes chambres très fournies et confortable.Très grande salle de bainServices parfaitSafety: Calmé et secure
boukerma laila: Hôtel très bien situé, propre avec une très belle décoration, et literie super confortable. Le personnel est très accueillant sans oublier le petit déjeuner fait maison.Je recommande à 100%
Toni Laine: Lovely small and quiet hotel. Excellent location and only about 200m from Flandres train station.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Quiet, Kid-friendly …More
Framboise Frogues: Super accueil dans cet hôtel que je recommande à 100%. Et le petit déjeuner copieux frais local et délicieux.
Antonio Passalacqua: Walkability: Right in the centreFood & drinks: Really top breakfast
Al Hidden: Great location, super-friendly team, comfy room, good breakfast, free drink for not having towels and bedding changed each day! Fantastic. Recommended.Room was perfect for our three-night midweek visit.Rooms: 5/5|Service: 5/5|Location: 5/5Hotel highlights Great value …More
Moritz: Sehr angenehmer Aufenthalt. Freundliches und kulantes Personal. Super sauber und sehr zentral gelegen. Ruhige und komfortable Zimmer. Geschmackvolles Ambiente.
Enes Bozkurt: Margaux hebben we het meest mee te maken gehad. Top service heel vriendelijk en meedenkend. Ons kamer was schoon en wordt goed bijgehouden. Zeker een aanrader.
Adam H: Hotel was clean and staff helpful. We had a king plus a sofa bed to accommodate 2 kids, but with the sofa bed it was very cramped for the room size.Rooms: 4/5|Service: 4/5|Location: 4/5 …More

9. Hôtel Barrière Lille - Lille

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899 reviews
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Address: 777bis Pont de Flandres, 59777 Lille, France

Telephone: +33 3 28 14 45 00

Business type: Hotel

Hôtel Barrière Lille: what do users think?
David Mondélice: Excellent hôtel haut de gamme, le personnel est aux petits soins.De plus il est très bien situé à proximité des gare de Lille Europe, Lille Flandres et du métro.
Soraya Terrier: The place to be! Parfait sur tous les plans. Merci
Aldric Robyn: Hôtel magnifique. Suite Junior très spacieuse avec une très belle salle de bains. La vue panoramique est appréciable. Établissement soigné avec ce petit parfum caractéristique du groupe Barrière. Personnel discret mais très attentif au bien-être des clients. Nous avons passé un super séjour. L'absence de piscine est sans doute le seul point négatif et on regrette aussi que l'on ne nous ait pas proposé de service bagagerie à notre arrivée. Nous avons dû monter nos bagages dans la chambre nous mêmes. Malgré cela, nous reviendrons les yeux fermés à l'occasion. Merci pour ce précieux moment.
Любовь Плотникова: Special thanks to Dylan at the reception, a very polite and professional guy. He listened to our wishes and provided a room with the best view of the park. We have a romantic wedding anniversary trip, and it was very nice to come back from a walk to find champagne and congratulations from the hotel team in the room. The room is very clean , everything you need is there . A very comfortable bed and incredibly soft pillows. The room is spacious and stylish. 6 stars out of 5!Rooms: Чистейшие номера, удобные подушки и кровати.Nearby activities: Казино, прямо не выходя из отеляWalkability: До центра города и достопримечательностей 10минут пешком
Lucie Dmytrow: Le meilleur hôtel des Hauts de France !Il se démarque totalement : le room service est disponible 24h/24. Le petit déjeuner est excellent.De plus, les lieux sont luxueux , le personnel est très agréable.Et… que dire de l’odeur du parfum lorsque nous traversons les lieux:Fantastique.Un grand Bravo aux réceptionnistes Héloïse et Sylvain, ils sont très professionnels.
gringo unik: Excellent malgré des pertes au casino hôtel 5* mérité
Lou Lou: Super , superbe belle chambre , ménage le top 👍 bon personnel aimable, serviable le top 👍 nous reviendrons les yeux fermés ! Merci a tout l'équipe.
Naima Bellik: Very warm welcome, very spacious and clean room. The bathroom is very well supplied with products. The floor staff came by to see if everything was going well, it was very appreciable and offered a small cake. My son and I loved it. The quality of the bedding is excellent. The hotel is located just opposite Lille Europe station and 5 minutes from Lille Flandres you can quickly walk to the main square.Rooms: Lit King size avec surmatelas appréciableNearby activities: Parc pour enfant pas loin et un zoo égalementSafety: Hôtel très sécurisé
Sophie Perrot: , populace jean troué et fausse besace louis Vuitton et parfois bas de survêtement et bière a Gogo !!!! Ça devait être le seul bar d’ouvert un jour férié sur Lille !!! Inadmissible. On en parle du monsieur qui encaisse les boissons au bar du Casino, il a oublié son nez de clown… on lui a pas appris a être aimable et à sourire…vraiment a fuir, tables salle et pas débarrassées…(Translated by Google
Brigitte Cazaux: Every time I come to Lille I stay at the hotel, it's a little cocoon, the staff is very pleasant. Impeccable room and service. It is always a pleasure to come. I highly recommendNearby activities: Proche de la gare et du centre ville, et pour les passionnés de casino, bel établissement au rdc.
Virtuelle T: Superb hotel with bar, restaurant and casino
Fournier Emilie: , la salle de bain spacieuse (la baignoire est tout simplement gigantesque, du jamais vu!
EIHF éducation: A very nice establishment.Be careful with the brewery or a little effort on certain products remains to be done. For the hotel really at the top.
celia boulanger: . Nous avons également profité du restaurant La terrasse du parc pour un dîner et 2 petits-déjeuners, ainsi que du casino. Nous sommes aussi allés au SPA pour le hammam et le sauna (il n'y avait pas grand-monde, ce qui était appréciable
Josr Gauthier: Very comfortable hotel the staff listens to you the most 5 minutes from the old Lille center very pleasant evening in the restaurant as in the casino a big thank you to your team and especially to David a golden bartender we will come back with great pleasure thank you
A H: .(Translated by Google

10. Holiday Inn Express Lille Centre, an IHG Hotel - Lille

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Holiday Inn Express Lille Centre, an IHG Hotel
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Address: 75 Bis Rue Léon Gambetta, 59000 Lille, France

Telephone: +33 3 20 42 90 90

Business type: Hotel

11. Solid Floors BVBA - Harelbeke

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Solid Floors BVBA
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Address: Brouwerijstraat 69, 8530 Harelbeke, Belgium

Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

Telephone: +32 56 25 28 60

Business type: Tile store

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