Best Biodanza Classes Lille Near Me

Korzeam Danses Et Percussions D'afrique Et Du Monde University of Lille School of Journalism in Lille

1. Biodanza Lille Béatrice - Lomme

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2. Korzeam Danses Et Percussions D'afrique Et Du Monde - Lille



· 6 reviews

128 Rue du Long Pot, 59800 Lille, France

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Korzeam Danses Et Percussions D'afrique Et Du Monde: what do users think?
Mélodie Leroy: During African dance class, a total change of scenery at Korseam! The exceptional speakers make us travel by communicating the atmosphere, the joy, the letting go, the sun... A big thank you to the whole Korseam team! Thank you also for your kindness.
Jona Jo: It's still very white for something calling itself African... 🙄
Camille (grz): Fundamentally human association. During dance classes, a lot of respect, kindness, far from the "competition" spirit. THANKS !
Marie Deleyt: Clean room friendly place for a group of 14 people we rent the room for several hours or several days to do with the boss pretty friendly place
magali BOUTEN: Unique place to dance, sing, share, vibrate....Super course of African songs this March 2
Laurent Daguet: Great place of expression
Mel Plankeele: A team united since 2005 around a common project: music and dance, the inseparable! Africa and its rhythms, its percussions... KORZEAM is to combine practice with pleasure... Mélanie PLANKEELE, undisputed leader of KORZEAM knew how to surround herself with the right people... Dances from Guinea, Benin, Côte d' Ivory, South Africa... Africa is big and France is ready to welcome it! In any case, to Fives YES!

3. University of Lille - Lille

· 59 reviews

42 Rue Paul Duez, 59000 Lille, France

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University of Lille: what do users think?
Candide NGOMA: The House of Knowledge 💡🧠.
Mervine Nsangi: How many percentages do they authorize to register at the University of Lille?
Assoulti Yanis: A really great welcome for registrations I would like to point out that the staff is very competent and professional from what I have seen and especially the feedback from colleagues and friendsBig up to Laurence and Justine hayatte and Thibault very smiling Congratulations to you continue you are on top
AMP Reliures: . Le contact est déplorable, vous n'êtes pas rappelés, les quelques mails reçus le sont avec un dédain qui frôle l'impolitesse la plus grande, et en attendant l'université ne paye pas ses factures auprès de ses fournisseurs. Aux formateurs, et toute personne traitant avec le service comptable attention vous allez vous faire voler. Vous ne pouvez même pas faire valoir la close de pénalité de retard. Un scandale, une expérience que je ne renouvellerais pas.(Translated by Google
Docteur DUKE: The University of Lille is:- A pedagogical team whose quantity of suitable teachers is countable on the fingers of an adactyl hand.- A primacy of administrative formalities over the professional future, which is normally the culmination of university.- An administration that manages the feat of bringing together a number of brats per square meter well above the national average, which is already very high.And since you don't change a winning team:- A deplorable organization, like everything else.The university has at least the merit of preparing us for the incredible disorder that is France, it is also surely the cause.
KerayTv _59: Very nice university
Maroua LACHACHI: Very bad establishment
Stéphane Henneron: 😒
Aakash Malik: It is an honor to be a student at ULille, very supportive departments at the university helping in every scenario from integration, education, study, researcher skills, financially and free language courses. I am proud to be a former ULille Master's student 😊. I recommend more students to join this wonderful university to get multidisciplinary knowledge from both study and researcher perspective.
Kaniel LKrn: Good but declining
RetryMod: Very bad establishment the teachers don't care about the students and they don't even listen to us mixed schedules and poor organization of the rooms and buildings because each time it takes 15 to 20 minutes to find a room
Laurent Allouchery: Very good university
pierre bucquet: Be careful for dental emergencies you have to suffer very hard if not outside
Justine Poulin: good university
Bruno Watteau: Very well received and nothing to say
Eric Noël: Emblematic place of the university
Kinder Maxi: Organization for deplorable registrations, an unavailable administration, a shame!
waleedo 1988: The most rasist university, I recommend more for foreign students
Medo Khaled: اريد التقديم فى هذه الجامعه ماوهوا المطلوب انا اكون طالب مصرى الجنسيه بالصف الثالث الثانوي
Mathilda M: Aucune organisation, aucune disponibilité... Tout va de mal en pire dans cette université... Horaires sur place toujours décalés par rapport à ceux du site, aucun numéro de téléphone pour les RI et quand tu appelles l'accueil, attente interminable :( ... C'est déplorable
Romain M: Le gardien de l'entrée qui se prend pour un videur, une queue interminable pour seulement deposer un courrier bref bienvenue dans une administration en France. Ajoutons à cela des étudiants chargés des inscriptions moches et incompétents. ( incapables d'imprimer une feuille)

4. School of Journalism in Lille - Lille

· 28 reviews

50 Rue Gauthier de Châtillon, 59046 Lille, France

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School of Journalism in Lille: what do users think?
delobel patrick: It's cold there. A large expenditure of energy to heat the unheatable.On the other hand, interesting lesson
Y. Mastykash: Найкраща школа журналістики у Франції, що розташована в самому центрі неймовірно квасивого міста Лілль.Школа - перша в рейтингу у ФранціїЇї випускики - найкращі журналісти не лише у своїй країні, але і за кордоном!Тут затишно і приємно здобувати освіту!
Yurii Mastykash: Гугл запитує чи тут надаються послуги онлайн?!Проте це вища школа журналістики, що має статус академії! Однієї з найкращих у Франції, де стаціонарно навчаються студенти, в тому числі студенти Університету м. Лілль!)
Lilia Ghazali: Unleash the starship! For Camille!
Camille Asl: They ruined my evening
pierre bouckson: Take up a lot of spaceCamille not happy 🤬
Eric CAFFIER: Beautiful amphitheater for conferences, meetings.
Balthazar Delva: 👍👍
Nathan Rochefort: Awesome
Ayman Abker: I really like this school, it's a big dream for me which I hope will come true. So I remain hopeful.
shaïna: I just went there for 1 day, put it looks really too good, I hope to be able to integrate this school after high school, it's my biggest dream
Mbainaissem Christian: Very good school. I dream of studying there.
bado vincent: Very nice school with very practical training in journalism
Aonarchs: Did an internship at the EsJ, definitely great personnel and place.
Matthieu Velaert: Excellente école dont le rayonnement va bien au delà de sa région d'appartenance!
paul durana: Pas satisfaisant du tout !
Carene Bouyi: Cette école me plais beaucoup, même si je n'ai encore jamais eu la chance d'y être en vrais. J'espère D'ici quelques années venir y faire mes études, c'est un grand rêve pour moi qui j'espère se réalisera. Alors Je garde espoir.
Gloire Lubanzadio: très bonne école de journalisme, je compte venir étudier d'ici quelques années ! ! !
Ramzi KHACHA: Tout un quartier universitaire.
vincent d: Beau bâtiment et bonne école
Jean -pierre Evrard: La meilleure pour les études de journalisme.

5. Biodanza - Lille

36 Rue du Long Pot, 59800 Lille, France

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