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    Best Indoor Mini Golf In Lille Near You

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    Best Indoor Mini Golf In Lille Near You

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    1. Goolfy

    199 reviews

    Address: à l'intérieur du Kinépolis, 1 Rue du Château d'Isenghien, 59160 Lille, France

    Schedule: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM

    Guy: Miniature golf course

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    We help you choose indoor mini golf in Lille

    Looking for information about indoor mini golf in Lille?
    Close to the French-Belgian border, Lille is a French city that was once an important commercial centre but has now become a university town brimming with culture in every street. In Old Lille, or Veux Lille in French, you will find houses and buildings dating back to the 17th century as well as completely cobbled streets. The truth is that our city has well preserved all its history and having become a university city, we will never forget it because the training is continuous.
    We are a group of young people who have created with the sole purpose of showing you all the particularities that surround what is for us the most beautiful city in the world. Find indoor mini golf in Lille and thousands of other things we have in store for you!
    Don't wait any longer and start reading!